Ah Labor Day weekend!

I love three day weekends.  At least I used to, but I haven’t had an actual weekend in a while.  Not that I’m complaining except for all the complaining.

But I certainly hope everyone is enjoying their day off.

This is a great week to catch up on my past essays before next week and new essays arrive. Reluctant Joy is filled with mostly embarrassing stories about my ridiculous life and questionable daily choices. http://www.bit.ly/rljywp

Same with Tumble and Drift.  No new story this week but there’s tons of good reading to be had.  Everyone really seemed to like D’jinn my latest story.  Also people keep showing up to read the multi-parter Night Mage and Blood Rebellious.  Both will be expanded and launched soon as kindle serials.  http://www.bit.ly/tadsff

There will be a new episode of the Stuff & Stuff podcast but hey if you’re bored head on over and listen to episodes 1 and 2 http://stuffnstuff.podbean.com/ also  available on iTunes.

And you should totally like and follow my facebook page which is how people now judge their net desire. http://www.bit.ly/fnbrjwp

And of course I’m on twitter at @Pron_cocktail

And lastly my pulp novel The Geek is available on Amazon in paperback and ebook.  I’ve been told it’s a harrowing hoot filled with vengeance, murder, kinky sex, violence, prostitutes and more vengeance.  So you know, basically it’s The Bridges of Maddison County. http://amzn.to/1hD5Ww1n

Well if you do have the day off I hope you enjoy it and I hope everyone has a great week!

Thanks for stopping by the mothership.


Jonathan Latt

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