Pride and sliding south gracefully(ish)

Hi there everybody and welcome back to the mother ship.  There’s a lot going on around old Fort Geek as usual.  I had a nice weekend filled with nerdly delights and hope you all had a good weekend as well.

We should be over the bulk of the summer madness here in Los Angeles, which means Winter is fast approaching (I refuse to say winter is coming anymore) and that means soup season!  I have been engaged in a long and passionate affair with my crock pot for sometime now and love making homemade, soups from scratch.  As we move into fall and winter I’ll be posting some of the best recipes here and hopefully you’ll find them helpful and tasty.

This week over on stuff & stuff, episode four is streaming and available for download (also available on iTunes) and I’m talking with L.A. artist Pau about art, politics, life in general, the magical affect of side boob on instagram and my truly romantic story about me, a full length mirror and why I’m glorious.  This Wednesday I’ll be flying solo on the podcast and will be talking politics, conspiracies and the hope of over coming pride while aging somewhat gracefully.

Stuff & Stuff is available here

Over on the original fiction site Tumble and Drift I’ve written another micro-story called choices which I hope you all like and that’s available here

On Reluctant Joy I’ve posted a free excerpt of my pulp novel The Geek which so far is getting pretty good reviews, which helps the old self esteem.  The link to that is right here

And if you like what you see you can pick up a paperback copy here

You more of an ebook person?  Not to worry I’ve got you covered.  It’s available as an ebook on iTunes (Just like the podacast!) or you can go here

Over on facebook I’m acting like a moron and that’s always fun

And for all you twitter types you can follow me at @Pron_coktail.  I always follow back unless you’re a bot or trying to sell me followers.

Is everyone as excited about the cool crop of movies that are out?  I know I am.  I’ve seen Straight Outta Compton which I highly recommend.  I’m gonna hit two movies this weekend, Black Mass and Sicario.  Also looking forward to The Martian and of course Star Wars when they come out.

Anyhoo, I do hope everyone has a great week and has a chance to do some fun stuff.

See you all soon!



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