Post no apocalypse update. Yay?

Well it’s Wednesday and the blood moon apocalypse never showed.  That’s the problem with doomsday prophecies.  No one’s ever right about them and if they were it’s really hard to brag about being right while defending yourself against the undead, UN Soldiers, Satan’s Army or whatever BS you said was going to happen.

On the plus side there is new stuff to be had.

Over on reluctant joy this week it’s a second free excerpt of my pulp novel The Geek available for your reading pleasure here:

If you like what you read go ahead and scroll down and read the first few chapters from last week that I posted and if you like that, then why not head on over to Amazon and pick up a copy.  It’s available in paperback and ebook from and as an ebook on iTunes.  Here’s a handy link

On iTunes if you search The Geek it’s like the second or third thing to come up.

Over on Tumble and Drift this week there’s another micro-story called Birth which I think you’ll enjoy. Here’s a link to that

Fresh out of the oven there’s a new episode of Stuff n Stuff streaming with my buddy Tyler about various nerdy things.  We also touch on politics, the Pope, debate the best fast food burger in Los Angeles and then Tyler spends the last 15 minutes or so sharing with me what it’s like living with autism.  Which I thought was very cool of him and also informative.

What?  Oh a link?  Sure here ya go and like everything else in the world it too is available on iTunes.

Want to be offended, amused and bamboozled 140 characters at a time, well I can hook you up on the twitters and what nots

And feel free to like and follow my facebook shenanigans here

I’m pretty excited about tomorrow night.  Not for professional reasons but because tomorrow is October 1st.  And that is awesome because my friends and I are heading into the city to experience the magic that is the Rifftrax crew work their mojo on the greatest bad movie of all time Miami Connection.

The RiffTrax crew are the mad genius’s behind Mystery Science Theatre 3000 a very awesome show that I still enjoy.

So needless to say Thursday night is going to be epic.

Unless of course there’s an apocalypse between now and then in which case, OHMYGOD!  We’re  in hell!  Is that Satan!? Zombies! Marauding gangs of syphilitic rock band roadies are terrorizing the country side! I’m on Fire and being eaten alive by mutant alien buffet seekers! I only have two bars on my cell phone! Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

But I’ll probably just see you all Monday, have a great rest of the week and weekend everybody.


Oh an look here’s the cover of my book


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