Boo! I vaant to suck your blog!

Well it’s Halloween week and things are gearing up for quite the spooktacular weekend. Yeah I said spooktacular, no I am not ashamed.

I will be going as a grumpy writer for Halloween.  It’s a great and simple costume.

Step 1: Get Dressed.

And I’m done.

There’s a new episode of Stuff & Stuff.  Again I hang out with my buddy Palmer.  We quickly discuss Fallout 4 before quickly going downhill as usual.  I tell the story of the woman who introduced me to kink and why roleplay is completely different than cosplay.  I’ve been quite annoyed with the whole Social Justice Warrior movement and finally have reached my limit.  I rant about why 3rd wave feminism isn’t feminism, why Anita Sarkesian is more of a con-woman than a feminist. I also go off on meninists, mgtowers, and manginas.

Over on reluctant joy there’s a fun short story that I think fits the Halloween mood called Night Mage.

I’m up to no good on twiter as usual

And if you’re in the mood for thrills and adventure you can grab my book on amazon for paperback or basically everywhere for ebook

If you’re in the mood for things less thrilling and adventurous there’s always facebook

Well I certainly hope everyone is as excited as I am about Halloween, but ‘ll check in Wednesday for the update and to gauge excitement levels.

Blah! Spooky! Blah!


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