Sexy picture time!

I want to show you something sexy, it’s a naughty little pic and not safe for work, but I just have to show it.

20151021_185336 (576x1024)

Yeah, that is what we like to call food porn.  Sexy right?

Heat some coconut oil in a sauce pan, add diced onions and let those bad boys brown. Next toss in some yellow and orange peppers, watch ’em get all caramelized, mmm sexy.

Then add spinach, lot’s of it and near the end add some sliced tomatoes.  Just before you cover it (for ten minutes on medium heat) add some seasoning, I used curry powder, ginger and paprika but you can add what you like.  You can also add chicken but this was a non meat day so I just had veg.  I served it over brown rice and it was awesome.

Give it a shot I think you’ll like it.

Now onto business.

There’s a brand new podcast up .  This is lost episode 2, which I recovered last week. It was the fourth time recording a podcast so again I apologize for the level and mix, but it’s a riveting episode. Palmer and I discuss Canadian Culture, the similarities between Jerry Lewis and the JFK Assassination and why I should never be allowed to broadcast from a German restaurant.  Yeah it’s like an episode of Nat. Geo. Explorer

Over on Reluctant Joy I’m giving my unwarranted opinion of the MRAs which will probably not solve anything

Book!  I wrote one, it’s called The Geek and it’s packed with murder, mayhem, revenge and a house full of unicorns and porn!  I know, sounds fun right?  I’ve also published a small collection of short stories which is totally free if you have kindle unlimited and only 99 cents if you don’t.  You can check them out on my amazon page  or any of the world wide amazon sites.

The Geek is available as an ebook on iTunes, goodreads and pretty much every site that sells ebooks, the paperback is available on amazon.

Facebook?  Why yes I’d love it if you liked my facebook page

And why not follow me on twitter.  It won’t make you smarter but it’s gluten free!

I hope everyone has a great weekend and I’ll be back Monday!



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