Your first Doctor is always your favorite

Well Christmas is over and it looks like we all made it out alive.  Santa gave me a cold for Christmas so thanks for that ya fat bastard.

However I did get some really nice gifts from my family and friends.  Really at this stage in my life it’s not even about what I get, it’s just nice to be remembered and it truly is the thought that counts.  Sappy?  Sure.  But, I’m allowed to not be an ass for a couple of weeks out of the year.

Having said that, I did get one gift from my cousin Roger that truly brought a smile to my face.  Not just a smile, but the smile of a nine year old boy watching Dr. Who on PBS here in Los Angeles.

Tom Baker was my first Doctor.  I feel that the show now, is of course infinitely better than in the past.  Better writing, effects and even stories.

But have any of the new Doctors been able to replace Tom Baker in my heart of hearts as being the all time best Doctor?

No.  It doesn’t matter about the writing, no one will ever be better than Tom Baker.  He was my first Doctor and for me will always be the Doctor.

Which is why when I unwrapped this, it made me really, really happy.


That’s right it’s a Tom Baker Dr. Who mug!  The top of his hat is removable so you can keep your tea warm, or soup, or whatever you want to put in that sucker.

I freaking love this thing.

I sat on the couch last night watching old reruns of Dr. Who from my childhood while sipping Darjeeling out of his head.  That sounds morbid, but it was great.

Now let’s go on to the flogging of wares and sundries.

Let’s see, well the fine folks over at TV Campfire had me on for their year in review.  We all nerded out and had a great time discussing this past year in television.  What we liked, what we didn’t and what made us all go “Meh”.

Over on Reluctant Joy this week I’m looking back at 2015 and looking forward into 2016, so if you’re feeling nostalgic and curious head on over and give her a read.

Up on podbean and iTunes my bro-host Rob and I are talking about fake bear rape and real dolphin rape, it’s not as bad as it sounds.

I’m still very overwhelmed about the response my novel is getting from readers which over all is incredibly positive.  The goodreads community has been especially supportive and for that I’m grateful. Go check it out if your curious and hey why not pick up a copy.

I now have 12 reviews on amazon, the majority of which are from complete strangers which is again very cool

And I even got my first review on from a reader so it’s really neat to see my book being read in other countries

Want tweets? Bam!

Facebook? WhaBam!

I’ll be back Wednesday but it’s only gonna be for a quick visit, then it’ll be 2016 and we’ll start this crazy crapola all over again.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas, Chanukah, Quansa and/or Life Day, Festivus and Pan Far.


Jonathan Latt


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