Late Start to a Long Week

Well Hey everybody,

I hope you all had a great weekend and that Monday isn’t messing with you too hard.

Sorry for the delay in todays post, but you know…life stuff.

Anyhoo, The Geek, my pulp novel, continues to trend nicely on goodreads and people really seem to be enjoying it.  If you haven’t picked up a copy and would like to read a free sample, I’m posting that over on Reluctant Joy this week and will be posting a second excerpt next week.  And That’s available here

Those fine folks over on TV Campfire were foolish enough to invite me back.  We’re talking about tons of fun nerdy, current shows like The Expanse and Colony so if that’s your sort of thing check it out

We’re going to be trying something new with Stuff and Stuff.  Instead of the free form, hour long format we’re changing up the podcast and it’s going to be a half hour covering a single topic.  There’s going to be a brand new podcast up this Wednesday.  My bro-host Rob Palmer and I discuss a strange phenomena called “Otherkin” and our mutual confusion about it.  Basically, it’s the same two morons talking about things they don’t understand but in a shorter format.  If you’d like to listen to some of the older podcasts head on over to podbean or iTunes

And hey why not follow me on twitter

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Let’s hang out on goodreads, lot’s of fun stuff going on there

Maybe you’d like to listen to my interview on South Waves radio with host David Snape

Or read the interview I did with The Hungry Monster

Thanks for stopping by everybody and I’ll see you Wednesday.



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