Sorry For The Silence

Hey All,

Sorry for the lack of posting this past week but things have been absolutely bonkers.  I’ve been recording the audio version of my Pulp Novel The Geek and as with most things in my life, I completely underestimated how grueling something like this can be.

But, things are moving along smoothly and it should be out in March.

There’s a new post up on Reluctant Joy today about Valentine’s Day.  I discuss my history with this holiday and also make some predictions about what I think is going to be a crazy week on social media when this old chestnut comes a calling.

Instead of new posts being available on Mondays, from now on (for the foreseeable future) new posts will be every Wednesday.  So check it out and I hope you enjoy it, available here

There’s a brand new episode of my Podcast Stuff & Stuff today as well.  This week my bro-host and I discuss why we’re all gonna die so you might as well it junk food.  New Podcasts will continue to be available every other Wednesday and you can listen to them directly from Podbean or ITunes.  For Podbean go here

My pulp novel The Geek is doing pretty well and I’m overjoyed with how most people really seem to be liking it.  It’s available here in paperback or ebook and of course you can get it as an ebook on ITunes as well and basically every other site where ebooks are available.

I also have a small collection of short stories available as an ebook exclusively on Amazon so if you want to check that out, it’s also available here

Are you a book nerd like me?  Well then come on over and hang out with me on goodreads,the more the merrier I say

What about some locally sourced free range tweets?  I got that too

And why not follow me on Facebook, it don’t cost nothin’

Again sorry for the non-posting thing.  Thanks a lot for stopping by.  I hope everyone has a great week and weekend.  See you all next Wednesday.




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