Hope you all survived Valentine’s Day

Howdy folks,

Thanks for stopping by the mother ship.  There’s tons of stuff going on around here and I’m super busy which is pretty good.

I’m still recording the audio version of my pulp novel The Geek.  We’re on schedule and it will be released on March 28th.  The Geek continues to do pretty well with readers which is nice and I’ve gotten some more reviews on amazon and goodreads and it’s very gratifying.

I found out from the publisher that we’ve basically sold of the first printing so we’re printing up a second run which is very exciting.  So thank you all for your support I really appreciate it.  If you’re the sort of person who’s into collecting first editions this is our chance to grab one as there’s only four or five copies left.  http://amzn.to/1MwzPG6 that handy dandy link will take you straight to my author page on amazon if you’d like to pick up a book.  I’ve also gotten some more really good reviews on amazon.co.uk which is incredibly gratifying.

If you have read my book, I’d certainly appreciate it if you’d take the time to give it a review on goodreads and/or amazon, if you’ve got the time.

Over on the Stuff n Stuff podcast there’s a fresh episode out and my bro-host and I are talking about relationships and why blow jobs are pretty mandatory…reciprocal but mandatory and of course other idiotic things.  People seem to be really enjoying the single topic, half-hour format so stop on by podbean or iTunes and give her a listen http://bit.ly/1KOLDsH

I’m  working on a bigger post for the blog regarding my first sober visit to Las Vegas but this week there’s a snazzy little micro-story up if you want to give it a read http://bit.ly/rljywp

There’s some really cool stuff in the works and I’ll be filling everyone in as they unfold.

In the meantime why not head to facebook and give me a like http://bit.ly/fnbrjwp

Or hey why not follow me on twitter, I always follow back unless you’re a porn bot http://bit.ly/1YIWqZA

Well thanks for stopping by everybody I do hope you’re having a great week and have an awesome weekend.  Take care and I’ll see you back here next week.



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