Hey Folks,

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you’re all having a nice week.  So, the recording of the audio book continues though the last couple of days have been annoying.  The city of Los Angeles is not known for taking care of its business but evidently in the last 48 hours they’ve decided to fix everything on my street.  Which is a great but terrible timing.

Yesterday they were doing street repair all day and I hoped it wouldn’t come through in the recording but after testing the recording in the studio I could hear ambient noise and so couldn’t record…so annoyed.

Today they’ve been hammering and drilling and banging since about nine this morning.  They’re installing a bunch of stuff including some sort of relay station that is supposed to read all the smart meters on the street, which makes the conspiracy theorist in me really paranoid but quite frankly I’d be happy if they just finished already.  I’m hoping that I can get back to recording this afternoon for a couple of hours.

Anyhoo, as per the usual shenanigans, those are still happening.

There’s a brand new Sci-fi themed micro-story up on Reluctant Joy called Moving Day and so if you want to read something that can be read in 30 seconds go here http://bit.ly/rljywp

Over on Stuff N Stuff there’s a brand new podcast up and available for streaming or download.  The main site is podbean, but it’s also available on iTunes and few other places.  This week my bro-host Rob Palmer and I are touching on conspiracies from JFK to 9/11 and the moon landing.  And of course since it’s us, the conversation devolves near the end and I put forth my theory that porn is not about content but intent.  Yup. People really seem to be enjoying the new half hour format so if you’ve got 30 minutes to kill give it a listen. http://bit.ly/1KOLDsH

My pulp novel The Geek continues to get high ratings and good reviews, which is incredibly gratifying.  Originally it was only available as a paperback in the states with ebooks of course available world wide.  But it is now officially available as both paperback or ebook in not only the good ol’U.S.ofA. but in Canada and the UK as well.  Paperback is available from Amazon and the ebook from both Amazon, iTunes and a myriad of other ebook sellers wherever a wi-fi connection is available.

If you like your mystery adventure stories hardboiled and your thrillers pulpy give it a shot.  Here’s a snazzy link to my amazon page http://amzn.to/1MwzPG6  If you’re in the mood for a few shorts stories my self published collection of short stories is also available as an ebook exclusively on amazon.  It’s free with kindle unlimited and only 99 cents without.

Those super awesome dudes known as the two gay geeks gave me an awesome review and I’m very grateful, you can read that here if you like http://bit.ly/1nimk7v

If you have read my book I’d certainly appreciate your review and comments on goodreads and amazon so thanks in advance, unless it’s a bad review in which case…thanks?

Here’s my goodreads page http://bit.ly/1XpMF4k

My question and comments section is always open if you would like to stop on by.

Hey let’s tweet! http://bit.ly/1YIWqZA

Or Facebook me http://bit.ly/fnbrjwp

All righty folks, I’m off to make a sandwich, have a great rest of the week and weekend.  See y’all next week.



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