Nothing to see here move along

Hey Folks,

Sorry but there’s no update this week.  I’m really swamped trying to finish up the audio book which is now gonna be about a week late and so that is top priority numero uno.

But I’ll be posting a lot of stuff next week.

In the meantime I leave you with this 20160215_101816

I drove to Las Vegas last month for a wedding and stopped in at the Mad Greek for a gyro.  Hadn’t had one of their gyros in years and man it was tasty.  I mean just look at it, aint it glorious!?

Congratulations you have all now passed your Desert Survival Class.  Please see Timothy on your way out for your certificate and complimentary key ring.

Okie doke have a great rest of the week, super weekend and I’ll see you all back next week.

Tons of links below, just scroll, scroll I say!

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