Just a quick hello in between crapola

Hey all thanks for stopping by.  Unfortunately there are no real updates this week and no podcast because this is the big week when I have to pack up all my crapola, burn evidence, hide bodies and swap mail drops.

Yup is almost time to move to my new house.

But there will be a new podcast next week as well as some announcements.

Links to my twitter, facebook and instagram are up top, but hey go check out my goodreads and amazon reviews, then pick up a copy of my twisted little pulp novel The Geek.

The Geek is filled with over the top violence, some kinky sex, a German Transvestite Anarchist, a handful of dead hookers, a horde of live hookers and a house filled with unicorns and pornography.

I know…fun right?

It’s just like The Bridges of Madison County.

Have a great week and I’ll see you all next Wednesday.

goodreads http://bit.ly/1XpMF4k

amazon http://amzn.to/1MwzPG6



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