A couple of announcements

Hey everybody and thanks for stopping by the mothership.

Things are going to be a little sparse for the next couple of months and I apologize for that.

Mostly these updates will be pretty bare bones for a number of reasons.  I am moving into a nice little house and so there’s that.

But, the great thing about this house is that it comes with a recording studio already built (yeah, I’m totes fancy like that) so my first goal will be to dedicate all of my time to finishing the long delayed audio version of my pulp novel The Geek.

I’m hoping I can record, mix and deliver by early September.

I will quickly follow that up with an audio version of my tiny little short story collection D’jinn and Other stories, which will be available a few weeks after The Geek.

From there it’s full steam ahead so I can finish up my next novel Blood Rebellious for a mid January 2017 release.  This will be ebook only and I’ll be self publishing this one.

Amongst all this craziness I’ll be focusing on creating video content for my youtube channel that I’ll hopefully be relaunching in November, and recording podcasts will continue as we slowly shift over to the new format.

Will we continue to produce episodes of Stuff n Stuff, but the last episode is scheduled to air on August 24th of this year.

Soon there after we will be launching the new podcast called The Chapel Perilous.  Chapel Perilous will focus on the occult, conspiracies, UFOs and general high strangeness.

You know, the stuff that makes life worth living.

I am working on a bit of a story and may post it if I have time to really get it right, if not new fiction and rants will probably not be coming until early December.

Anyhoo, I really do appreciate you taking the time to stop by and I hope you have a great rest of the week and super fun weekend.

See you all next Wednesday.



Hey check out my goodreads reviews http://bit.ly/1XpMF4k

And there’s amazon too http://amzn.to/1MwzPG6

Speaking of Stuff there is actually a brand new episode of Stuff n Stuff today and we are talking about all the rebranding and focusing http://bit.ly/1KOLDsH

All my social media links are up top with those snazzy little icons if you missed them.  They’ll take you straight to my Instagram, Twitter and facebook.

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