1 Step Forward and 40 Years Back.

Well I hope you’re all proud of yourselves.  The next few weeks was supposed to be just some basic updates and various short tales and micro stories.  But here I am today, forced to do an autopsy on last night’s election.

Thanks Obama!

I’m doing this mainly because of the flurry of texts and phone calls I’ve received from both my right leaning and left leaning friends and family.  And because something crazy happened last night and I think we should talk about it.

Up until about 3 years ago or so I was a registered Republican.  Though in that time I only voted republican once.

I am a registered independent and have a long record both in voting and in written word of being extremely liberal when it comes to social issues and somewhat conservative when it comes to government spending.

The reason, in the end, that I went independent and left my republican roots behind is because for a very, very, very long time Republicans haven’t been republicans.  Reagan brought about the change and now they truly are the fundamentalist party of the United States.

You can’t call for small government and independent freedoms in the same breath as claiming that women should not have control over their bodies and that gay people shouldn’t get married (mainly because you find it icky) because of religious beliefs.

The right likes to claim that this country was founded by Christian conservatives and this is patently false.  The pilgrims were definitely conservative as were the Quakers.  But they didn’t found this country.  They colonized a “new” and “unclaimed” continent.

The founders of this country, people like Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington to name but a few were deists.  Christian Deists for the most part, but definitely deists.

These were not fundamentalists.  These were not conservatives and they most certainly did not believe that religion had any place in governance.

And they were right.

So now we have a “Republican” President, a Republican House and a Republican Senate.

I put Republican in quotes before President because quite frankly none of us…none of us! know if Donald Trump is a Republican in the modern sense of the term.  We don’t know what he stands for other than buzz words and catch phrases.

In fact what we do know about him is that he doesn’t want to be President.  He has stated and it has been confirmed that he (at least up to this point) fully intends to let Mike Pence handle Foreign and Domestic Affairs.  While Donald Trump continues to “Make America Great Again” through what I assume will be a non-stop series of rallies and speeches to feed the hollow depths of his ego.

Now there really is the possibility that Donald Trump is not going to spend his term simply going after his “enemies”, looking for ways to nuke the ever loving shit out of the planet and engaging in circle jerks with Vladimir Putin.

However, when you look at the short list of people he’s already talking about for his cabinet, and the fact that Mike Pence will in essence be the President (barring a change of mind by Trump) we are looking at the possibility of the most conservative executive branch this country has seen in a generations.

Match this with an ultra conservative house and senate, plus the appointment of what will most likely be a very conservative supreme court justice and there really is the possibility that a lot of the social progress that’s been made over the past 40 years will be rolled back.

Goodbye LGBT rights.  Goodbye minority rights.  Goodbye women’s rights.

We are also dealing with a man (Trump) who does not like to be made fun of or criticized and feels he should have the right to silence those who poke fun at him.

So Goodbye Free Speech.

The problem is, it’s just impossible to say.  We’re in uncharted territory, we’re off the map, we’re speeding through the desert, hopping over boulders and careening through the dirt in a rented 1998 Buick Le Sabre.

We might make it through or we’re totally fucked, again it’s hard to say.

But who is really to blame for this…or congratulate, depending on your world view.

I was trawling through the coverage last night and heard a lot of pundits try to put their finger on why this happened, how this happened, what the fuck just happened!?!?

Nobody was either insightful enough or honest enough to put the blame or praise on the two (or 5) people who truly made this happen.

I’m gonna name names in a second but let’s sum up the general feeling from both the left and right we’ve all heard since this election started.

“We’re sick of this shit!”  “We want an outsider!”  “We want change!”

The sentiment on the right that made Trump so popular was equally mirrored by the sentiment on the left that propelled Bernie Sanders to the forefront of the Democratic primary.

For all of the liberal talk, outrage and crying about the corruption on the right, whatever you want to say about the Republican primary the RNC did not interfere with the choice of their party.  They obviously weren’t pleased with it, but they let it unfold naturally and when it came right down to it they let the winner win.  And that winner was Donald Trump.

However, in stark contrast to the so called corrupt right, the DNC under the leadership of Debbie Wasserman Shultz, colluded with John Podesta and most likely both Hillary and Bill Clinton to undermine the democratic process of the democratic primary and rig it so that Hillary Clinton would win.

This has been proven.  Bernie should have been the nominee but the DNC didn’t want change.  They didn’t want a maverick and when it looked like the popular maverick would win they rigged the race, they messed with polls and votes, they did opposition research on one of their own (certainly more their own than Trump) and put the fix in for Hillary Clinton.

I’ve said it a thousand times since the primaries ended and I’ll say it again.  If Bernie had been allowed to win, through the will of the people, it would have been a much different race and we’d be looking at a Sander’s victory today and not a Trump.

So who should the right thank and the left blame?

Debbie Wasserman Shultz, John Podesta, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton to name but a few.  I’m not even getting into the DNC staffers who happily went along with this and there were plenty.

We can also blame, to a lesser extent, Bernie Sanders.  He knew he’d been fucked.  He knew they fixed it and did he go rogue?  No, he got in line.

Say what you will about Trump but if he’d lost the primary with any hint of rigging he’d have raised hell and run as an independent.

More and more it’s looking like the Bernie followers either voted for Trump or made a third party protest vote.

Bernie brought people in, Hillary pushed them back out.  Plain and simple.

America is not supposed to allow dynasties.  Hillary Clinton felt she deserved it, it was her turn, her inherent right.

Wrong attitude, wrong country.

Mitt Romney thought the same thing.

Wrong attitude, wrong country.


Wong and wrong!

I voted for Hillary Clinton but only because I feel Donald Trump is far too unstable to be president.  I hope I’m wrong, but he does make me nervous.

If you think Donald Trump shouldn’t be president because of his “grab em by the pussy remark” or his alleged attacks on women, you haven’t been paying attention.

And they are alleged at the moment, though personally I believe the women, but that’s beside the point.

I’ve made my feelings about the regressive left plain over the last few years.  They’ve sought out controversy where there is none.  They’ve shut down opposing speech because they didn’t like it.  They’ve gone after the so called patriarchy every chance they had and used buzz words to such an extent that they’ve basically rendered them meaningless.

They slowly but surely became as intolerant as those that they claim are intolerant.

Well all you SJW, 3rd wave feminists welcome to 1963.

The rubber band is about to snap back and you’re not going to like the sting of it.

The SJW movement has made it increasingly hard over the last few years to truly fight for women’s rights, minority rights, gay rights and religious freedoms.  Why?  Because they didn’t care what you stood for. They didn’t care that you were on their side.  What they cared about was the Orwellian double plus good speak.

Nine hundred genders, proper pro-nouns, all men are rapists, women in the west have less rights than men,  etc, etc, etc.

We could have been fighting real battles.

We could have been helping those who really needed it.

But no, lets kick Milo Yiannopoulos off Twitter.  Lets protest his speaking engagements and shut them down because we don’t like his point of view.

Lets make Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn heroes and elevate them to the status of Feminist icon because having someone disagree with you on twitter is like rape.

Lets allow insane people like Zarna Joshi a platform to spout their paranoid fantasies and slander a man who made a stupid dad joke.  Because everything is rape, the patriarchy is racist and men are dicks.

Lets not interact at all with those who agree with 99 percent of what we stand for.  No, lets call them misogynist, racist rapists for disagreeing with 1 percent of our platform.  Lets alienate them for having a different idea of the world or perhaps only a certain aspect of how we’re attempting to achieve the goals of equality.

Lets equate being asked out on a date as unwanted sexual harassment because we’re not attracted to the guy who screwed up the courage to ask a woman out in the first place.

Lets call dancing hula, dashboard dolls the root of all evil and a sign of the patriarchy’s disrespect and continued objectification of woman and cultural appropriation.

Yeah, lets do all that, lets not concentrate on the real problems. Why?  Because we’re winning, we’re leading the narrative, we’re in power and are going to grow in power.

That’s what you thought.

You were wrong.

Congratulations all of you twitter activists, tumblr aero/zim/zam otherkin, you Youtube SJWs and rape culture feminists.  The world changed last night.  You’ve got a real fight on your hands now and you’re going to need all of the allies you can muster.

I’m still in the fight.  I still believe in LGBT rights.  I still believe in Minority Rights.  Women’s Rights and religious freedoms for those who choose to worship whatever religion they wish.

I still believe our country holds the promise of a better future.

And quite frankly I’m still not sure what kind of leader President Trump (get used to it) is going to be, if he decides to actually lead.

However I do know we’re about to face the most conservative government we’ve had since the 50s.

Do you still want to call me a homophobe for using the wrong pro-noun?

Do you still want to call me a misogynist for claiming that we do not actually live in a rape culture, by the very definition of what living in a true rape culture would entail?

Am I still part of the Patriarchy because I believe that men and women are in fact different and that there are only two biological genders as opposed to a myriad of sexual identities?

Am I still a racist, simply because I’m white even if I have fought and continue to fight for equality?

Is an African American or Latino man or woman never, ever a racist, simply because they are a minority? Even if they spout hatred directed at those of a different color, simply because they are of a different color?

Do you still want to keep playing the victim when you’re not or do you want to fight for a better future?

Because your fight is coming.  It’s going to be real this time.  The stakes of individual freedom will be high.  The stakes for personal expression will be high.  The stakes for future generations will be high.

In short, do you wanna golf or just fuck around.


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