We’re All Part Of The Triggernation

Okay, so first let’s all take a moment to realize how clever I was with that title.

It’s been just over two weeks since the election and while Donald Trump is not the President yet, he is the President elect and I think there are some things that need to be discussed.

As I stated last week, the march to an incredibly conservative government is underway and I think we should talk about the President Elect, what he may do and what he definitely is not going to do.

Most importantly I think we need to talk about what we can all do, both from the left and the right to make sure we do what we should to protect not only our best interests but the interests of those we love and care for.

It’s always easier to demonize.  To take a step back and say “Uhuh, not me, that’s not mine, those and them are nuts”.  But, I don’t really care if you are a fundamentalist Christian or an Atheist Anarchist. This is everyone’s country.

Now let’s get one thing clear right off the bat for all of you Trump voters claiming that President Elect Trump’s victory means you/he/the right have a mandate to push through laws that dictate a conservative agenda.

You don’t.

Snopes is a great website with highly reliable information and so that is the site I’m culling from today.

Yes President Trump is our President.  I accept that and so should you.  He won fair and square (rumors and disputed exit polling aside for this week) and took the electoral victory.

This is our system and you need to live with it because it ain’t gonna change.

However, at this point Hillary Clinton has actually won the popular vote by a very large margin.

As of November 21st the popular vote breakdown goes like this:

Trump:     61,917,320

Clinton:   63,515,588

That’s a very comfortable lead of 1,598,268 votes.  And, it’s going to grow.  The final tally wont be in until around the second week of December, before the electoral college votes.  It is highly possible that by the time all votes are counted Hillary Clinton could easily have a popular vote lead of over 2 million votes and it could be as high as near 3 million votes.

While in the past their have been Presidents who have lost the popular vote and won the electoral college, never has the vote discrepancy been this high.

Now I personally believe the electors will not be swayed by the popular vote and Donald Trump will remain the 45th president of the United States.

And I think they absolutely should not be swayed by the popular vote as large as the lead may be, because quite frankly it would lead to absolute pandemonium and nobody wins in that instance.

Here’s the link to Snopes if you’re curious:


Now please no emails about how Trump actually won the popular vote.  He hasn’t, that’s a fake news source.

But, it’s called the popular vote for a reason.  The right does not have a mandate.  But neither does the left.

We’re going to have to work together because believe it or not, while our motivations may be different, our goals are the same.

I want less pollution and I want climate changed to be accepted by the right.  Why?  Because I like to eat the things that live in the ocean, roam the land and grow in the soil.

I don’t have kids, but if I did, I’d probably want to leave them with a planet where tuna fish, cows and broccoli aren’t mentioned in the same sentence as the words Dodo bird.

I am a huge advocate of freedom of speech and will be looking out for any trends, rulings or rumblings of any government edict looking to revoke the rights of any person left or right who wants to speak his or her mind.

And I highly encourage my fellow liberals to start doing the same.  Especially the extreme left who have yelled about freedoms while attempting to curtail the rights of those they disagree with.

And those of you on the right who recently got upset about the non-scandal that was the cast of Hamilton addressing Vice President Elect Pence at their show recently, freedom of speech is for everyone, not just for those you agree with.

And by the way, if you actually watch the video the address to Vice President Pence is incredibly respectful and sincere.

You know who really didn’t seem to take offense to it?  Vice President Pence.

Now, a lot of his views make me nervous, but you’ve got to hand it to him.  He came out of this looking like a boss, as opposed to his actual boss who invoked the far lefts favorite “safe space” rhetoric.

Now, when I say Freedom of Speech, I mean Freedom of Speech as stated in the constitution.  If the President or any laws passed by the legislative outline anything that curtails speech we’ve got a serious problem.  But let’s not confuse that with a private corporation’s right to curtail free speech. Or a private citizens right to protest a corporation or entity.

For example, Twitter is currently banning a lot of people who claim to be conservatives or the alt-right for various things they’ve said.  Now I do not agree with conservatives for the most part and I am no fan of the alt-right.

However, while I fully support Twitter’s right to do what it wants, I think it’s cowardly, disgusting and reeks of double standard bullshit.  There are those on the left, especially the extreme progressive left who have tweeted out terrible, hateful things on twitter and they don’t get touched.

Hypocrisy is not a badge that should be worn proudly.  And twitter, claiming to be working unbiasedly, when they are absolutely not, should be ashamed of themselves.

But, twitter is not the government and neither is facebook.

There has been a call to boycott twitter from the far right.  That’s their choice and in the end if they make an impact and get twitter to change I think that’s for the better.

However, there’s also been a trending hashtag #boycotthamilton where those on the right are attempting to make a statement by boycotting a play they probably weren’t going to see in the first place.

It’s also sold out through December of 2017, so um, there’s that.

And of course the left has the right to complain and protest the election, though I think it’s pathetic.  I would also ask the left to stop posting fake bullshit about attacks, both physical and emotional from the right.

With the exception of two incidents, as far as I can tell, every story I’ve heard about people being attacked physically for being gay, black, Muslim, Jewish or a woman has been horse shit.

Good job left, let’s make sure we cry wolf some more.

Now is President Elect Trump going to do all the things he said he was going to do on the campaign trail?  Well, day by day it’s beginning to look like he’s not.  So for every person who voted for Donald Trump because you thought he was going to do the things he said he was going to do, you’re in for some serious disappointment.

Here’s what we know so far:

  1. Not building a wall.
  2. Not going after Hillary Clinton to prosecute her.
  3. Not repealing Obamacare
  4. Not leaving the Paris Accords and no longer denying climate change
  5.  No intent on revoking Gay Marriage as law…per se

The last one is tricky, because the supreme court could decide to hear a case that’s actually tangential to Gay Marriage and open the door for repeal, which would be terrible.

You are not God.  You cannot understand God.  If you think you have the right to tell someone who they can love you are in fact not being godly.

In 1966 it was illegal for a White Man to marry a Black Woman and vice versa.  In 1967 it changed, but it wasn’t until the late 1980’s that it became somewhat accepted and even now there are those who scream about how it’s a terrible thing.

It’s not and neither is Gay Marriage.

The supreme court could also hear a tangential case about abortion that could open the door to repeal Roe vs. Wade.

That too would be tragic.

If you are a libertarian that believes in small government, but thinks abortion should be illegal you’re not a libertarian.

If you are a liberal that believes a woman has the right to control her body but that a religious fundamentalist has no right to disagree, you are not a liberal.

If you are a Christian who believes in the sanctity of life and that an unborn child is sacred and has the right to be born, yet you believe in the death penalty and/or torture and/or war, you actually do not believe in the sanctity of life.

As for me I am pro-choice.  I’m also (for the most part) pro-death penalty.  These views are not contradictory.

I am however against torture.  But only because it’s been proven time and time again not to work.

Oh and that would be sixth on the list.  President Trump is not reinstating water boarding or torture of any kind from the Bush Era.

And I say good for him.

As for those jobs, you know the factory jobs that were promised to the voters of the rust belt?  Those aren’t coming back.  They never were.  It has nothing to do with NAFTA, or TPP, or the globalization of the world.

It has to do with automation, plain and simple.  So technically factories may begin to pop back up in the rust belt.

But you wont be working there.

Recently a truck drove for over 100 miles and delivered a load of Budweiser.  There was no driver in the cab.  It was done robotically.

In the next 5 to 10 years this will become more common, however there will be someone in the cab at the ready should this new technology fail.

Within 15 there will be no one in the cab.

Those will be more jobs disappearing and never coming back.

Same goes for uber, lyft, taxi-cabs, trains, busses, ships and yes even possibly planes.

Millions of jobs gone and millions more to go.

So we all need to focus on the future and that means accepting that science and technology are real.  That the children of this country cannot expect to be the next huge instagram or reality star.

Because quite frankly, if they are, by the time they grow up, nobody is going to have any money to spend on their bullshit anyway.

This means that the right is going to have to start backing hard science like evolution, stem cell research, climate change, sustainable farming, sustainable energy, molecular engineering, math, and astronomy.

Why?  Because if you don’t there will be no job your children will be qualified for.

The left needs to understand that religion and faith are incredibly important to a very large population of this country.  Like me, they don’t have to agree with the person’s need for faith or religion.  But they need to respect that they have decided to put their faith in something they consider bigger than themselves.

They also need to figure out a reasonable argument as to why denying science will hurt the religious as much as the non-religious.  I haven’t figured that one out yet, but if I do I’ll let you know.

If we can’t start accepting each other and working together we’re all fucking doomed.

The left needs to understand the right and what they’re worried about.  The right needs to understand the left and what they’re worried about.

There is huge change coming for all of us.

Now there will be more over the next few weeks, but I think that’s a good place to end it for now.


This week on Stuff n Stuff the bro-host and I begin our series of Special Snowflake Boot Camp, where out of love I will be taking my fellow liberals to task over the bullshit they’ve been spouting over the last eight years.

First up is the myth of body positivity and why it’s total horse shit.


Now I know I’m picking on my side a lot, but next week it’s conservative special snowflakes I’ll be taking to task and we’ll be discussing why fundamentalists who voted for Donald Trump in overwhelming numbers, have no moral high ground and don’t quite seem to understand what being a Christian really means.

We’ll be hopping from the left to the right and back again over many episodes in the hopes of breaking down the defensive walls of each side.

But we’ll probably just end up pissing off everybody.

Achievable goals.

Most of the links to my social media are up at the top of my blog under those fancy little icons but I’m posting them here too, cuz…I really don’t know.

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I am very behind on work and pretty swamped so next week will probably just be a quick update but there will be more political shit coming.  Because it’s important.

Have a great Thanksgiving everybody.







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