A Break From The Usual This Week.

Hey Everybody,

So there’s still a bunch of fallout from the election going on and people are still freaking out.

Quite frankly it’s just a cluster fuck of epic proportions and who knows how it’s going to end.

But this week it’s just a quick personal update with what’s going on with me because I am so swamped that I just didn’t have time to throw anything together other than a bitch list.

While the podcast will still concentrate on the social aspects of the election, I do think my time will be better served writing occasional political missives here, but concentrating on 2017 and the work ahead.

To be honest November was a pretty rough month for me.  And the election had nothing to do with it.

I got out of a pretty serious relationship a couple months ago.  She ended it and it ended amicably, but I have been put through my emotional paces by an ex-girlfriend who decided it would be fun to mess with my emotions for a month until I put the kibosh on that last week.

I was sick twice this month and pretty well laid out.

I am currently in a war of attrition with a family of skunks under my back patio deck.

And last Sunday a woman backed into the side of my car.

All in all November kind of sucked ass and I’m done with it.

I have been asked by the producers who optioned The Geek to write the pilot for that on spec which I understand but it’s taking up time and it’s an added level of work I really didn’t need.

The plus side is they’re incredibly excited about it and really motivated to set it up as a series in 2017 which would be great.

I will not be making my January deadline to release Blood Rebellious and that most likely will be out late winter or early spring.

I will also be publishing a novella near the end of summer 2017.

This will be followed by my novel Night Mage coming out in early 2018, maybe before.

And then, finally, the sequel to The Geek which will focus on the character of Marion Stillwater (and titled Stillwater) will be out in 2018 as well.

Hopefully I’ll have the full machine of the new media company The Chapel Perilous in place and things will run far more smoothly and allow me time to breathe.

So that’s what’s going on with me.

In the meantime on the Stuff n Stuff podcast we’re talking about election fallout stuff and this week concentrating on fundamentalist Christians and why they really have no moral ground to stand on.

And of course you can (not that you should) follow me on twitter and instagram for lots of useless, random crapola.

And hey if you haven’t read my little pulp novel The Geek stop on by amazon.com for paperback or ebook, iTunes for ebook and if you’re in the Los Angeles area it’s available in paperback at Skylight Books in Los Feliz at 1818 North Vermont Avenue.

If you are in Los Angeles and interested, I do recommend going to Skylight.  It’s a great part of town and indie bookstores should be supported.

I hope everybody had a great thanksgiving and I’ll see you all next week.



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