Trump, Putin, Protests and Pacing.

Hey Everybody,

So yeah, that happened.

As we all know President Elect Trump became President Trump on Friday and quite frankly as of this writing he’s already making moves that are incredibly disturbing.

Of course these moves are not disturbing to his core supporters and that’s to be expected.

However, as time goes on I do believe the core Trump supporters will be shaken to their-well-core as investigation turns to revelation and then hard evidence.

I am wholly convinced that President Trump is at the very least being manipulated by Vladimir Putin.  You may not like Putin, I certainly don’t, but he is incredibly smart and manipulating a man like Donald Trump is incredibly easy for a man like him.

However, I am leaning ever more to the conclusion that President Trump is in fact not being manipulated by Putin but is in fact working knowingly with him.

I do not believe the so called revelations about “peepee gate” that came out on Buzzfeed last week but I absolutely believe that the possibility that Vladimir Putin has something on President Trump is incredibly high.

I go into all of my deductions and reasons for this in this week’s episode of Stuff n Stuff, so if you’re interested you can follow this link right here:

We also talk about the women’s marches, protests, Cal-exit and a few other things.

As for those big turnouts at the post inauguration protests, I thought it was very impressive but I have concerns.

What I’ve been hearing a lot from those who attended has been things like “I just wanted to be with others who felt the same way”, “I wanted to be heard”, “I wanted to empower myself” and a myriad of other such similar statements.

And quite frankly that’s great.  That’s fine, there’s nothing wrong with that.  But!  You better start pacing yourselves.  If you noticed the President’s reaction to your massive protest he didn’t care.  I’m sure he was privately really pissed off of course because no one disrespects “El Presidente’ Para La Vida”.  We can tell he was pissed off because of his dismissive statement about those who protested should have voted, which the vast majority did.

However, when it comes to your concerns; the current President of the United States has absolutely zero fucks to give.  He doesn’t care, he has not been swayed, impressed nor intimidated.

We are all in for a very long fight.  There will be no quick victory if there ends up being a victory at all.

So pace yourself, don’t expend all your energy and retreat to the instant gratification knee jerk reaction we tend to have in this country.

If you want to fight, if you want to win you’re going to need to walk, because if you sprint you’ll run out of steam.  This too we get into in the podcast.

Finally the other topic in this weeks podcasts is about California Seceding from the Union…shut up.

Secession is basically impossible peacefully and completely unwinnable violently it’s not going to happen and quite frankly even though you think you want it to happen, trust me you don’t.

Don’t believe me?  Well listen to the podcast and tell me where I’m wrong.

There is a very long fight ahead and there is much work to be done.  Protests are great but there’s more to it than that.

And remember to pace yourself.

On a positive note stuff with me is pretty good and there’s some big announcements coming, unless of course everything goes tits up and pear shaped.

But until then, I’ll be here.

Have a good week all.










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