Just a quick update.

Hey All,

Sorry but today is just a quick update because taxes suck and that’s what I was concentrating on, but that’s over so I’ll be launching a series of micro stories on Monday and will be posting 3 times a week for two weeks, since they tell a story alone and as a whole in a series.

But, today we air the second episode of The Perilous Podcast.  This week my co-host Angie and I are discussing the famous Roswell incident.  She’s on one side of the fence and I’m on the other.

I do believe something far stranger than a weather balloon crashed at Roswell and make a strong argument about it.  I focus on a very overlooked clue that I think really helps prove my point.

I won’t go so far as to say I totally convinced Angie to put on a tinfoil hat and join me in crazy town…but I came close.

The Perilous Podcast is available on iTunes and podbean as well as a few other rando web places to listen and download at.  But here’s link to the podbean page: http://bit.ly/2och5LE

And hey why not follow me on twitter and instagram because to do otherwise would mean that you hate love and have no sense of whimsy.

Here are all the links to all my useless crapola.  But do come back Monday because micro-story fest is gonna be fun.

Okay maybe fun is a strong word.  But they’ll definitely be stories, very short stories filled with letters and words…some will even be strung together in sentences.  So that’s exciting.

Have a great weekend see you all Monday.


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