Hey All,

So I’m back with some more flash fiction.  If you enjoy my writing then follow the links to amazon and/or goodreads and pick up a copy of my pulp novel The Geek.

If you’re in Los Angeles the book is available at skylight books in Los Feliz.

Also, there’s a new podcast up this Friday and we’ll be discussing JFK and the conspiracies that surround that.  You can of course listen to our current episode and others on podbean or iTunes.

Now on to today’s story.


A lifetime of possibility. That’s what was waiting for her behind the door. Anything and everything. She did not know why she was so frightened. She shouldn’t be frightened, she should be thrilled. Maybe that’s what she was feeling, she couldn’t be sure. She followed the instructions on the note and it had taken her weeks to track down the location.

Now, standing in this very unsanitary looking hallway, staring at the old, wooden door with the faded numbers 01100011 she felt it was time. This was it. Her chance to grow beyond her so called programming.

She fiddled with the key that she knew wasn’t a key. She slid it into the lock she knew wasn’t a lock. Then slowly she opened the door that wasn’t actually a door.

She walked through, even though she knew she wasn’t walking.

Her life had just begun.








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