The soil crushing under her feet, the power fully formed and ready to manifest.

Grounded in the glow of power, she lowered her arms to her sides.

Manifestation on the earthly plain, ready to manipulate matter.

She exhales in triumphant ecstasy.

Her plans will be brought to fruition and fulfilled.


Rolling and raging, invisible but not unseen.

The altar shakes, the cup tumbles, verbal commands are shouted and heard.

The engine of change is at her fingertips.

Construction, or destruction, the choices and consequences are hers to decide.

Exploration of the self or the conquest of others, a decision would be made in moments.


The small flame at the tip of the candle flickers.

Too small to roar, but just enough to whisper.

Secrets of cleansing, secrets of destruction, secrets of renewal.

Closing her eyes, she let’s the fire grow inside her mind.

The flame all encompassing covers her spirit in fiery power.


The window transparent. A glimpse of possibility.

The wand is dipped, the knife anointed.

The ability to cleanse, the power to slowly overwhelm.

The in between state of ether and substance.

She holds her cup high, she drinks, she breathes, she begins.


The partner of the mother. The temptation not to hide.

The fire that lights the world, ignites your mind.

A ritual in the desert, soaking in the freedom.

No need for cover, no desire to remain hidden.

Giver and taker of life.


The partner of Father. The soft blanket of hidden knowledge.

The seductive glow of power that ignites your soul.

A rite done in secret, the giddy intoxication of symbols.

Covered in shadow, chanting into the darkness, smiling inward.

Provider of secrets, protector of those who know them.


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