Let’s talk Meditation! Exciting right!?!?

This is part two of my 3 sobriety posts.

On Wednesday as you know I touched on meditation.  If you don’t know, it’s because you didn’t read that post, so go and read it you lazy fucker.

Okay all caught up?  Good, let’s move on.

This one is going to be shorter than Wednesday…you’re welcome.

Let’s maybe give a back story here.  So, in my early 20s I was quite spiritual.  I was also high as fuck everyday, but I was spiritual.  I was a practicing occultist, meditator and traveler of the mind.

However, as I got into my mid-twenties, I walked away from my spirituality and embraced the material world.

I like to tell people that I’m not into stuff, I have no need to drive the nicest car or live in the biggest house.  I like to live a simple life.

But, in all honesty that isn’t the whole truth.  For a while there, I really wanted it all.  I had the fantasies I think a lot of people who start making money have when they’re young.  Mansion, private jet, super car, model banging two at a time.

You know…’Merica!

But, thankfully I’m not that person anymore.  And perhaps I never was, since I rarely attempted to live out those fantasies, but I did have them.

Then, when I was in rehab, the spiritual advisor there named Thomas really helped me get back in touch with my spirituality.  It’s been an absolute game changer and I can’t stress enough the importance of meditation for those living a sober life.

Now I’m going to take a moment to completely contradict what I said in the last sentence of the above paragraph.  I’ve said it before a million times and I’ll say it again; no one can do sobriety the same.  There may be a lot of similarities between two people who are sober in terms of how they live and what they do, however there will be differences and not every tool fits every person’s toolbox.

I was speaking with a friend the other night who has way more years in than I do and quite frankly is far more intelligent as well.  We were talking about our routines and he told me that meditation would probably drive him mad.  That simply put, it is not a tool he would ever use.

That, of course, is completely fair and valid.  So, while I say that meditaiton is important for thsoe leading a sober life, the more accurate way to phrase it would be: Meditation is incredibly important for those leading a sober life.  If, meditation is right for you and you find it helpful.

The only way to know this is to try it.  If you don’t like it, or it doesn’t help then that’s okay.  You’ll find something else that works for you.

But it does work for me and I see the benefits in my life.

I meditate everyday, for anywhere from 15 minutes to 45 minutes depending on my schedule.  On serious days, like the one I had on Tuesday I’ll go for up to two hours and just bliss the fuck out and center myself.

If you’re sober, or hey even if you’re not, meditation can mean the difference between a good day and a bad one.

If you’re curious as to the impact of meditation on an alcoholic, I can clearly state, through practice that it can sometimes mean the difference between relapse and not.  I still get depressed of course and have serious bouts with that, but the meditation really cuts through it as well as my physical routine, which I’ll get into on Monday.

As alcoholics, our minds are constantly trying to trip us up and kill us.  We know this.

But when I meditate regularly my mind goes from a nearly unmanageable 90% shit show of the world going to hell loop to a very manageable, 10% apocalypse loop and 90% Chimpanzee, dressed as a pirate playing the guitar loop.

Which is awesome really.  Hell even if you’re not defective like I am and just want to feel better, I can’t tout the helpfulness that is meditation enough.  I’m going to post a couple of links to the guided meditation mp3s I use the most if you want to check them out.

So if you want to go from this in your head all day:wallpaper-skulls-06



To this:chimppiratec

Then definitely give meditation a shot.

The meditation links will be after my links.

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Now some totally chill meditation links:




There’s also a nearly endless amount of excellent meditation videos on YouTube if you want to go searching around and I highly suggest that as well.

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