Hey all,

So this is a special time of year.  A time of year that comes but once a year.  That special, amazing time of year when I throw out all of my convictions and fold like a cheap card table.

I was raised Jewish but disavowed all organized religion over 30 years ago now.  However, during the Jewish High Holidays I throw out all my convictions and pretend to be Jewish.  Well, Jewishish to be more specific.

I will be going to temple tonight and tomorrow morning to bask in the incredibly boring glow of old superstitious beliefs because I’m an absolute wuss when it comes to my mother and she really wants me to go and be with her, so I’m going.

She knows I hate it, she knows I don’t take it seriously and she knows I find the whole thing ridiculous.

And she doesn’t care.

Ya gotta respect that.

On an incredibly positive note my sister has to go too and no matter how old I get there’s something really wonderful about knowing that my sister will be just as miserable as I am, maybe, just maybe even more miserable.

We call that a mitzvah!

Huh, maybe I’m more Jewish than I thought.

On a whorey note, there’s a brand new podcast up this week with special guest host Barbra Dillon of fanbase press.  We talk all about the Loch Ness Monster and some other random geek stuff.


And over on the youtubes Angie and I are discussing the possibility of Parallel Worlds, so there’s that.

Follow the links and I’ll see y’all next week.



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Twitter I say stupid stuff in small snippets.

Perilous Podcast  Current episode is about the Loch Ness Monster

Facebook Probably pictures of me getting beaten up.

Perilous Vlogcast It’s the video version of the Podcast.  This week Parallel Words.

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