Let’s talk about our right to own guns.

Well, to put things plainly, we actually don’t have the right to own guns…I say this as someone who owns guns by the way.

The first time I shot I was 8 years old, my dad took me to the gun range and we shot for about two hours.  I’m sure my experience is not much different from other Americans who enjoy shooting.

The only difference probably being that since I am from Los Angeles my first shooting experience was indoors with an Uzi and not outside with a shotgun or rifle.

Los Angeles in the 1970s was a pretty different place than it is now so you could shoot a lot of crazy crap.  My first time out I shot the Uzi and the HK94, I doubt you could do that now.

I was raised with guns, I enjoy skeet shooting and target shooting.  However, I don’t actually have the right to own a weapon and neither do you.

Let’s take a look at the second amendment shall we.

Amendment II

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Let’s look at, and consider the context here.  During the years of 1787-1788 when the constitution was being ratified there was tons of debate…some very heated about how the rights of citizens would be determined and what those rights would be.

Among many of the reasons for the establishment of the Bill of Rights (the first 10 amendments of the constitution) was to find a middle ground between a citizen’s rights under the law and the protection of the newly formed United States of America from both invasion and possible reclamation by England.

We did not have a standing army per se.  The citizen soldiers who fought in the revolution as part of the Continental Army had gone back to their lives and were mostly part of militia groups that would be activated should the need arise.

Our first true, standing army would not be formed until 1791 under the banner of the Legion of the United States.

So, during the time of ratification it was proposed that for various reasons these irregular militias and the men who would fight in them should be allowed to keep their muskets, and have them in good working order should they be called upon to defend their newly sovereign country.

Their is nothing in the second amendment about “ownership” or “recreational usage” of firearms.

Now, having said that of course many people (though less than you’d think) owned a musket.  However, this was a different time when most people still lived off the land and a gun was truly used for providing meat for the family not kept because of the fear of home invasion.

But, do keep in mind that hunting back then was done communally as well.  One man might have a musket but a “hunting party” would be formed and the deer or whatever animal was shot would be shared amongst many.

Over time the second amendment has been warped, purposefully misinterpreted and used to sell a lie.  That lie being that all Americans have the right of gun ownership and that we should be allowed to own any type of weapon and as many weapons as we want.

The loudest of these voices tend to be the ones who also shout about how they are true believers in the rights of Americans and pure constitutionalists.  Which of course they’re not.

In short none of us have the right to own a gun.  However, a lot of us do and the government is never going to come and take your guns away for many reasons.

One of them being that it is absolutely too monumental of a task to undertake.  The thought or idea that some NWO government goon squad is going to roll up on your home and confiscate your weapons is ridiculous and if you really think that’s even remotely possible you’re a fucking idiot.

Another reason is that both the NRA and the gun industry in general spend millions of dollars a year lobbying (buying the whores in congress) for ever more loose definitions of the second amendment.  They do this under the guise of protecting a citizen’s freedom but that’s not really why they do it.

They do it for the money.  The NRA by the way is nothing but a con job.  They make their money keeping you in fear of losing a right you don’t actually have, they’re in the business of fear mongering and they want you to be afraid so they lie to you and make you afraid of big brother coming to take your guns away and herding you into some made up bullshit FEMA camp.

But that’s never gonna happen so just chill out.

I actually don’t blame the gun industry for lobbying.  They’re in the business of selling guns and they want to sell as many as they can.  That’s how business works and that’s how free market capitalism works.

I don’t like corporate lobbying and think we should do away with it (how do you think ketchup became recognized as a vegetable) but they’re working within a system and they’re doing it because it’s their business.

The NRA on the other hand is just flat out full of crap.  They don’t offer anything real.  They sell fear, nothing more.  They need you to re-up your membership every year.  They need you to be afraid of liberals.  They need you to be terrified that gang members are going to bust into your home-even if you live way out in the country where there aren’t any gangs-and have their way with your wife and children before murdering you all with illegally purchased weapons.

In conclusion(ish); the second amendment does not give any of us the right to own firearms.  However, the main and basic interpretation of the amendment has been for at least the past hundred plus years is that it does.  It is an incorrect interpretation but it is a widely accepted one.

This false interpretation is the reason you can purchase a handgun or rifle.  So let’s be completely honest here, no one is coming for your guns.  They’re not coming for mine either.

As someone who lives in a city with an ever increasing crime rate I think I should be allowed to own a pistol to protect myself should someone bust into my home.

I also know that the chance of this happening is so miniscule it’s almost ridiculous.  But should I have that right?  I actually think I should.

Does a strict and true interpretation of the second amendment give me that right?  No.  No it doesn’t.

So this is where things get even more contentious, because while I believe in the right of a citizen to own a pistol or even a shotgun and rifle I do not believe any citizen needs an assault rifle, let alone a fully automatic assault rifle.

Most of the people who own assault rifles (and I’ve talked to many) think that at some point there will be a revolution or U.N. tanks are going to start rolling down the street.  They have a fantasy of being a fighter for America in a war that will never come.

But the fact is none of us has the right to any of this.

The other fact is that never, ever, ever, never is anyone coming to take your guns away.

So if you think an American citizen should have the right to own a fully automatic assault rifle that’s fine, I disagree whole heartedly, but that’s fine.  Opinions are free and you’re certainly allowed yours and I mine.

If you think waiting periods, restricting the sale of certain weapons, background checks and mental health evaluations are unconstitutional you’re kind of an asshole.

If you think “they” are coming for your weapons, your delusional and right where the NRA wants you.

If you think your right to own any gun whatsoever is actually, truly your right because you believe in the constitution, you don’t understand the constitution.

I’m a liberal, I’m a gun owner, I’m a believer in the right of an American to own a weapon.

Just not any and every weapon.

Okay so I got that off my chest…next week something more lighthearted.

Over on the perilous podcast this week we’re talking about the Mueller investigation.

On YouTube it’s the Loch Ness monster episode with guest host Barbra Dillon.

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Have a nice weekend everybody.


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