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Hey All,

So, the end of the year creeps ever closer and like you I’m feeling excited for the coming year and just downright burned out on 2017.

I know I said no politics until the first of the year but I am going to break that for just a second and say how glad I am that Roy Moore did not win the special election in Alabama.

Do I think this is a bell weather mark for everything? No.  However, I do think the entire country is better off not electing a full blown maniacal, racist, theocratic wingnut with a thing for young teenage girls into the senate.

If you want to stand by the assertion that the women accusing Roy Moore are all liars and that these are simply allegations, okay that’s fine that’s your right.

Just explain to me why this guy was banned from the mall and the YMCA. That’s a fact and it’s in police records.

Anyhoodle, that’s all I’m gonna say on that and next week it’s an all Christmas extravaganza post.

Extravaganza may be too strong of a word in the sense that it’s definitely too strong of a word.

Now let’s get to the thing none of you really came here for.

There’s a brand new podcast over on podbean and iTunes. This episode Angie and I discuss the theory that the entire universe is a computer simulation being controlled by an incredibly advance race.  It’s an interesting topic that sort of melts our melons but we have a good talk about it.

Perilous Podcast  Are we living in a computer simulation?

Over on YouTube we’re discussing the JFK Assassination. This was recorded before the big document dump, but quite frankly the questions we ask are still relevant. Plus the documents that were released (because not all of them were) have done nothing to dissuade me from my original opinion.

Perilous Vlogcast JFK and why my theory still works.

As usual you can follow me on twitter, Instagram and facebook.

Instagram Stupid pictures I post of me doing stupid life stuff.

Twitter I say stupid stuff in small snippets.

Facebook Probably pictures of me getting beaten up.

One last note, if you don’t know what to get someone for Christmas, why not give them the gift of assassination, murder, revenge, weird sex and dysfunction by picking up a copy of my pulp novel The Geek available on amazon in paperback.  Also available on iTunes and amazon for ebook.

And if you’re in Los Angeles head on over to Skylight Books in Los Feliz and pick up a copy there. They’re a great independent bookstore and it’s a nice way to show support for them.  We need all the independent stores we can get.

Goodreads Read my reviews before you buy my novel.


Could I look more uncomfortable?

Amazon Buy my novel already!  Jeez!

I hope everyone has a great weekend and I’ll see y’all next Friday.




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