Merry Christmas!

Hey everybody!

Merry Christmas to you all, I hope you’re all feeling gassy and bloated, I know I am.

As a pagan and occultist I wanted to wish everyone a very happy Christmas.

I don’t have much to say other than that.  I will spend the day like most of you, burping and farting myself into oblivion surrounded by loved ones who will occasionally glance at me sideways but are far too polite to point out my noxious terror.

However I did want to post a couple of super awesome Christmas vids for your enjoyment.

The first is one of my favorite Christmas things to watch.  This is a video taken at the Moth Radio Hour a few years back. Taylor Negron was an actor, comedian and writer. He was a native of Los Angeles and he tells what I believe to be the most amazing and epic Christmas story ever.  I watch it every year…sometimes just when I’m in a bad mood but man this is good stuff.


The next is a video I saw just yesterday but really enjoyed it and it’s just straight up super Christmasy.  A youtuber named Jonathan Guarano drove people around and got them all to sing a Christmas Classic.  This will definitely put you in a good mood.

If it doesn’t you should just give up because you’re Scrooge and I can’t help you.


Okay that’s all I have for this week.  Merry Christmas everyone and I’ll see ya in a week.

Oh and links to my crap

Perilous Podcast  Are we living in a computer simulation?

Over on YouTube we’re discussing the JFK Assassination. This was recorded before the big document dump, but quite frankly the questions we ask are still relevant. Plus the documents that were released (because not all of them were) have done nothing to dissuade me from my original opinion.

Perilous Vlogcast JFK and why my theory still works.

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Amazon Buy my novel already!  Jeez!

If you’re in Los Angeles head on over to Skylight Books in Los Feliz and pick up a copy there. They’re a great independent bookstore and it’s a nice way to show support for them.  We need all the independent stores we can get.


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