The Joys of Home Ownership…at some point…I assume.

So I’ve been in the new place for about a month.  I really do love it, and having the recording studio in the house is a total game changer, but I’m still living in boxes and still haven’t really unpacked due to all of the renovations going on around the house.

We’re going to be about a week and a half over schedule but we are under budget at the moment and should end up right at the max of the budget. That includes the unforeseen disaster that was replacing both the roof on the house and the recording studio.

The crew working on my house are an amazing group of talented, honest, fun, friendly hard working guys.

But seriously, they need to get the fuck out.

I’m still working on the audio version of The Geek and it will definitely be out and available for download or ignoring by the end of October.  Just in time for the holiday buying season.  That’s right, Christmas, Chanukah and Festivus will be here sooner than you think and nothing says let’s celebrate some quasi-religious stuff like a pulp novel filled with terrible people doing terrible things, over the top violence, sex, a handful of dead hookers and a house filled with unicorns and pornography.

Yup, just like Life of Pi but less tiger sex.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area and want to pick up a paperback while supporting local indie bookstores and local writers, The Geek is available at Skylight Books at 1818 North Vermont Avenue in Los Feliz.  Lots of cool places to eat and shops to shop in down there so make a day of it.

If you’re not in Los Angeles or just don’t want to go anywhere it’s of course available on as a paperback or ebook and ebook all around the world on basically every conceivable site where you can buy an ebook.

And what’s this?    Oh that?  That’s nothin’.  Just a link to my goodreads page where you can check out reviews and ratings before spending your cash on something you think may suck.

You may think it sucks after you buy it too…can’t help ya there but I do hope you enjoy it.

Here’s a link to amazon with more reviews and while you’re there maybe you might wanna drop 99 cents on my tiny little collection of short stories.  I will also be doing an audio book of that sometime in November.

The last episode of Stuff N Stuff aired this past Wednesday and everybody who listens was sad to see it go (literally tens of people) however we’ll be launching a new podcast soon called The Chapel Perilous so you know, there’s that.  In the meantime if you like listening to two morons who have no idea what the hell they’re talking about all episodes are up and available to listen to or download on iTunes or here

Wanna follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter?  Yeah me neither, but the links are up top if you’re morbidly curious.

Finally I did want to address the passing of Gene Wilder this week.  I’m a child of the seventies and Gene Wilder was a big part of that.  It really didn’t matter what movie he was in, he always made it better (like bacon).

A lot of millennial types might only know him as Willy Wonka or worse, just as that weird guy in that meme picture.  I hope people will go back and watch some of his movies so they can truly enjoy the man whose on camera personae and sincerity in every role was a joy to watch.

I’ve been digging through boxes and watching some of my favorite Gene Wilder movies the past week and I recommend the following highly…they’re listed in the order I watched them but you watch how you want:

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Stir Crazy

The Producers

Silver Streak

Blazing Saddles

Young Frankenstein (Pronounced Frahnkunshteen)

Well there you have it, I highly recommend those  and even more obscure ones like The World’s Greatest Lover.

He’s more than a meme and his movies will live on, but so will that meme and in this day and age that’s a little slice of appropriate immortality we can call a victory.

Have a great labor day to my US readers and a lovely regular weekend to everybody else.


Midweek update

Hey folks,

Thanks for stopping by.  Really crazy around here so this one is going to have to be quick.

There’s a fresh new podcast up on Stuff & Stuff.  My friend Mike stops by for the first time and we actually had a rather intellectual conversation.  I know, I’m shocked too

Over on Reluctant Joy there’s a new micro story called WATER as I stick to the esoterica theme of the current posts

Tweets are happening all the time, all around us here

And some darn solid facebooking

Why not check out my amazon page and pick up a copy of my novel or short story collection, plus I’m pretty proud of my bio

Plus there’s goodreads, it’s like facebook for book nerds and it’s a whole lot of fun

Okay sorry for making this so quick, but more Monday.  Have a great rest of the week and super awesome weekend.



I’m probably gonna be cranky for a while.


Howdy all and happy Monday.  As usual there’s a lot of stuff going on here aboard the mother ship.

Some small news first.  I have been incredibly busy recently with pitching projects and the release of my novel The Geek and so I have had to make a bit of a tough choice regarding my time.

Starting today I will no longer be posting on my original fiction site Tumble and Drift.  Between working on screenplays, fleshing out the next couple of books, my podcast, Reluctant Joy and just life in general I had to choose one thing to cut so I could free up a little more time and that was the one I chose.

Having said that, I will be folding short stories into Reluctant Joy, my other blog.  So from now on Reluctant Joy will have original fiction as well as essays, rants and my usual uni-bomberesque ramblings.

Tumble and Drift will stay up for now and anyone curious, bored or looking for something to read should feel free to check it out

Over on Reluctant Joy this week I’ll be posting some micro-stories and through the month of October it will be mostly fiction.  I am working on some essays for the site but they probably wont go up until November.  You can check out Reluctant Joy here

Currently on the podcast I’m having a conversation with my buddy Tyler Uslan.  We talk about Virtual Reality, debate the best fast food burger in Los Angeles and Tyler is cool enough to candidly share with me what it’s like to have Autism. You can find Stuff & Stuff on iTunes or go directly to podbean here

There’s a whole new show on Wednesday when my friend Rob Palmer stops by and we talk television, celebrity encounters and general stupidity.

I should warn everyone that for the next month I’m going to be on a very strict diet and up my workout routine so I can drop about 7 pounds. So expect me to be cranky, tired and hungry for the next 30 days. Grrrr!

My novel The Geek is getting some decent reviews and is available on amazon for paperback and also amazon, iTunes, goodreads and pretty much everywhere world wide for ebook so if you’d like to read an awesome story filled with mayhem, sex, vengeance and more mayhem check it out.  Here’s an amazon link

Offering autographed copies is a great idea when you don't think you'll sell any books. Very grateful, just lazy.

Offering autographed copies is a great idea when you don’t think you’ll sell any books. Very grateful, just lazy.

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I’m working on some cool stuff for the midweek update so check back in here Wednesday for some more shenanigans.

I hope everybody had a great weekend and has a better than average Monday.  Nothing too exceptional, I wouldn’t want the rest of your week to be a letdown.

Talk soon and thanks for stopping by.


Midweek update

Well howdy everybody.

Fresh out of the oven is a brand new epsiode of the Stuff & Stuff podcast. This week I’m talking art and stuff with L.A. artist Pau!  We have a good time and cover a lot of different topics so check it out.

This week on Reluctant Joy I’m talking about tolerance, fighting the good fight, fat shaming and the insane world of the overly politically correct social justice warrior, available here

Over on Tumble and Drift I am beginning to tell Micro-stories and the first one is up this week and available here

The fine folks over on TV Campfire had me on as a guest and if you’re in the mood for some passionate talk about TV you should check it out here

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Lastly but oh so not leastly my new pulp novel The Geek is out and available in paperback and ebook.

You can get the paperback here

and the ebook here the ebook is also available on iTunes just type The Geek in the search engine and it should take you right to it.

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Take care all, have a great day, an awesome week and we’ll talk soon.



Well it’s another glorious week of whoring myself out.

Hey everybody,

I hope everyone had a nice weekend and that you’re all girding yourselves for the grueling week ahead of you.

But hey, not to fear I’ve got lots of things to distract you and hopefully lessen your productivity so you can stick it to “The Man”, unless of course you are “The Man” in which case I have bad news for your productivity outlook.

Over on Reluctant Joy I’m waxing less than poetically about the average life of a writer in the 21st century.  You can find that here

Over on Tumble and Drift it’s part 2 of my short story D’jinn. It’s a sweet little story about the friendship between a human and genie and kind of caught me off guard because I don’t usually write sweet stories.  Snarky, violent and weird sure, but sweet came right out of nowhere.  Part 1 of course is available and you should read that first.  There’s also quite a number of other stories on there but check out D’jinn I think you’ll like it.

This Wednesday episode 2 of my podcast Stuff & Stuff will be available.  If you haven’t listened to episode 1 yet go ahead and give it a go.  In episode 1 I’m talking with my buddy Rob Palmer about the state of the entertainment industry, independent film and a bunch of random stuff. This Wednesday I have a nice little chat with Video Game designer Tyler Uslan about indie gaming and of course stuff. It’s available on podbean and iTunes, so yay for me.

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I hope you all have a nice day and a great week.