Spring time in winter

Hey All,

I hope everyone is having a great week.  Things with me are well and life keeps chugging along.

It’s near perfect here in Los Angeles, like we’re heading into summer already. Which quite frankly is a bit terrifying since it’s early February and we should be drowning in rain and freezing our collective butts off…well what we consider freezing, but it’s all relative so don’t judge.

I’ll be heading to Las Vegas for a few days next week which honestly I’m a bit nervous about.  I’ve never been to Las Vegas sober and the last time I was there I was still drinking and as usual shit got crazy.

For the first time ever I’ll be staying in a hotel with no casino and far off the strip just to hedge my bets.  I’m going in taking care of business and getting the hell out pronto.

I’m quite happy and secure in my sobriety but why make things harder on myself by visiting old haunts and tempting fate.

Well let’s get on to the fun stuff.

I had the tremendous pleasure of sitting down with Ben and Keith of the Two Gay Geeks podcast recently.  We spent about an hour talking and it felt far less like an interview and more like a conversation you’d have with old friends.

We talked about my pulp novel The Geek and also nerded out on various topics from Dr. Who, to Blake’s 7, comic books and more.  It was a lot of fun and is available here for your listening pleasure http://tggeeks.com/blog/2016/02/08/tg-geeks-webcast-episode-59/

They also took the time to review my novel and quite frankly I’m a bit overwhelmed with how much they enjoyed it.  Many kind words from two very kind gents.  If you haven’t picked up a copy and would like to read their review it’s available here http://tggeeks.com/blog/2016/02/08/the-geek-violence-death-and-geeks-oh-my/

As for my usual shenanigans, there’s a brand new post up on my blog Reluctant Joy.  This week I have written the most incredible, politically correct, love story ever told.  It’s called 42.6 Shades of Tumblr and you can give it a read here http://bit.ly/rljywp

The current episode of Stuff N Stuff is up and available for download or streaming.  You can catch it on iTunes or go straight to the source at podbean.  There will be a new episode next week about things that should be mandatory in relationships, but if you’d like to spend a half-hour listening to two morons complain about toxic food that’s all right here http://bit.ly/1KOLDsH

I’m always stopping by goodreads where all the cool book nerds hang out so swing on by, ask a question and browse the virtual stacks http://bit.ly/1XpMF4k

My novel The Geek seems to be making readers happy which is great.  We’re just about out of first editions and will be going to a second printing which is very cool.  If you’d like to pick up a first edition paperback you can do so on amazon.  It’s of course also available as an ebook pretty much everywhere.  We’re also going to be expanding and making sure that the book is available as a paperback in both the UK and Canada due to the demand. http://amzn.to/1MwzPG6

I have a small collection of short stories that is exclusive to amazon called D’jinn and Other Stories.  It’s only 99 cents, but free with kindle unlimited.  HOWEVER!  The ebook will be free for everyone on Monday February 15th in honor of Presidents Day.  Why Presidents day?  Mainly so I can use the tagline “Hail to the Cheap”.  What?  That’s clever I don’t care what you think.  http://amzn.to/1MwzPG6

Of course you can follow me on twitter if you’re so inclined http://bit.ly/1YIWqZA

And don’t forget the old facebook http://bit.ly/fnbrjwp

Well thanks for stopping by.  I hope everyone has an excellent rest of the week and a super fun weekend.

See y’all next Wednesday.



Moving forward in 2016

Happy New Year everybody I do hope you enjoyed yourselves, were safe and had oodles of fun.

We are entering 2016 and all of us, I’m sure, are wondering what the coming year will be like.  Hopefully it’ll be a good one for all of us.

There are a few changes happening around here, most of them minor and probably temporary.

First up due to popular demand we’ll be recording an audio version of my pulp novel The Geek and that will be out most likely the second week in February.

I was quite surprised at the amount of requests I’ve been getting for an audio version of the book so we’re going to make that happen.

I’m also going to be concentrating on my first up coming kindle serial that I plan on launching in March.  Originally I was going to launch two simultaneously but that ended up not being a great idea for both time management and quality so will be launching one and then see how that goes.

I will continue to post over on Reluctant Joy, but around March I’ll be folding those posts into here.  I am still making my way through the forest of social media and in the end I think it will be both a better use of my time and a way to make this website more of a true hub of what’s going on with me.

For these and many other reasons, Stuff & Stuff, my weekly podcast will now be every other week, simply because I have to concentrate on the writing and book promotion.  I also don’t want the quality of the podcast to go down due to my schedule.

Anyone who has listened to the podcast knows that quality ain’t that high to begin with so we really can’t afford to let it slip any further into crapness.

But, much like Springfield’s beloved Bi-mon-sci-fi-con it will be continuing and the guests will be sporadic and a total disappointment.  So really a lot like last year.


Quality you can trust…but you shouldn’t

And hey if you want to give it a listen go ahead and follow the link http://bit.ly/1KOLDsH

Over on Reluctant Joy this week I’m trying to ban children at Christmas and put a stop to glitter madness, so you know, working for a better tomorrow today http://bit.ly/rljywp

My book is continuing to trend nicely on goodreads and is getting mostly positive reviews which is nice. http://bit.ly/1XpMF4k

Stop on by and hangout or ask a question, I’m always happy to answer.

The Geek is available on pretty much every site that sells ebooks but you can also grab it in paperback on Amazon.com. http://amzn.to/1MwzPG6

Unfortunately it’s only available as a paperback in the states.  However we’ve been getting some demand from Canada and the UK from people who would prefer paperback to ebook. I’m working with the publisher to solve that issue and give readers what they want.  It will most likely be a print on demand thing, which will mean the paperback will be slightly more than the 14.95 price tag in the states, but we’re going to work really hard on keeping it under 20 bucks, aiming for around 17-18.

I’ll let everyone know the outcome of this endeavor.

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Well once again happy 2016 everybody.  I hope you all have a great week and I’ll talk to you soon.



The New Year is upon us.

Hey everybody,

Thanks for stopping by.  I’m desperately stretched and trying to clear my schedule so I can enjoy my new years eve celebrations and relax.

This will be my third sober new year, the first one was spent in rehab, last year it was amongst other degenerates who were trying to stay out of trouble.

This year will be the same. We’ll eat some great food, play some gin rummy and then I’ll be in bed by five after midnight.  It may not be exciting, but it’s better than most of my new years used to turn out.  Usually drunk, missing a shoe and with a swelling eye from a random punch up, because I’m an idiot and that’s how I used to roll.

Sometimes I miss drunkenly howling at the moon, but not as much as I don’t miss seeing the red and blues in my rear view mirror or out of the corner of my eye and then that awkward conversation where I’m sure I sound totally sober but really don’t.

So over on the podcast there’s a year end spectacular as my bro-host Rob and I reflect upon 2015 and look forward to the coming year.  There’s also the usual juvenile ramblings involving bodily functions and boobs.  You’re welcome. http://bit.ly/1KOLDsH

If you’re interested in my other shenanigans from this week just scroll down a little to Monday’s post there are links to the blog and my appearance on TV Campfire.

And if you, like me, will be taking it easy  this new year eve, why not head on over to goodreads or amazon and pick up a copy of my pulp novel The Geek because, well I don’t really have a good reason but people seem to be enjoying it and quite frankly my Hyundai needs a tune up.

amazon http://amzn.to/1MwzPG6

Goodreads http://bit.ly/1XpMF4k

I do hope 2015 didn’t completely suck for you and no matter how good of a year you had I hope 2016 is even better.  Please be safe, and if you’re going to drink either uber or get a cab.  Trust me I know from experience.

Happy New Year!  I’ll see you all in 2016!

So yeah, basically see ya next week.


Jonathan Latt

Your first Doctor is always your favorite

Well Christmas is over and it looks like we all made it out alive.  Santa gave me a cold for Christmas so thanks for that ya fat bastard.

However I did get some really nice gifts from my family and friends.  Really at this stage in my life it’s not even about what I get, it’s just nice to be remembered and it truly is the thought that counts.  Sappy?  Sure.  But, I’m allowed to not be an ass for a couple of weeks out of the year.

Having said that, I did get one gift from my cousin Roger that truly brought a smile to my face.  Not just a smile, but the smile of a nine year old boy watching Dr. Who on PBS here in Los Angeles.

Tom Baker was my first Doctor.  I feel that the show now, is of course infinitely better than in the past.  Better writing, effects and even stories.

But have any of the new Doctors been able to replace Tom Baker in my heart of hearts as being the all time best Doctor?

No.  It doesn’t matter about the writing, no one will ever be better than Tom Baker.  He was my first Doctor and for me will always be the Doctor.

Which is why when I unwrapped this, it made me really, really happy.


That’s right it’s a Tom Baker Dr. Who mug!  The top of his hat is removable so you can keep your tea warm, or soup, or whatever you want to put in that sucker.

I freaking love this thing.

I sat on the couch last night watching old reruns of Dr. Who from my childhood while sipping Darjeeling out of his head.  That sounds morbid, but it was great.

Now let’s go on to the flogging of wares and sundries.

Let’s see, well the fine folks over at TV Campfire had me on for their year in review.  We all nerded out and had a great time discussing this past year in television.  What we liked, what we didn’t and what made us all go “Meh”.  http://bit.ly/1kaVD2X

Over on Reluctant Joy this week I’m looking back at 2015 and looking forward into 2016, so if you’re feeling nostalgic and curious head on over and give her a read.  http://bit.ly/rljywp

Up on podbean and iTunes my bro-host Rob and I are talking about fake bear rape and real dolphin rape, it’s not as bad as it sounds. http://bit.ly/1KOLDsH

I’m still very overwhelmed about the response my novel is getting from readers which over all is incredibly positive.  The goodreads community has been especially supportive and for that I’m grateful. Go check it out if your curious and hey why not pick up a copy. http://bit.ly/1XpMF4k

I now have 12 reviews on amazon, the majority of which are from complete strangers which is again very cool http://amzn.to/1MwzPG6

And I even got my first review on amazon.co.uk from a reader so it’s really neat to see my book being read in other countries http://amzn.to/1NM5GUN

Want tweets? http://bit.ly/1YIWqZA Bam!

Facebook? http://on.fb.me/1NX6vtH WhaBam!

I’ll be back Wednesday but it’s only gonna be for a quick visit, then it’ll be 2016 and we’ll start this crazy crapola all over again.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas, Chanukah, Quansa and/or Life Day, Festivus and Pan Far.


Jonathan Latt


Okay this will be quick.

Hey all,

I know everyone is really busy with the holidays, me included but I thought I’d stop by and just post a few updates real quick.

Over on Stuff & Stuff it’s the Christmas Holiday Special.  To be completely honest the podcast really has nothing to do with Christmas other than the fact that it’s airing this week, but I think we wish people Merry Christmas at some point, but mainly we talk about a lot of random crap like our childhood pets, how I became an accessory to murder (kind of) and when being raped by a bear is not being raped by a bear, but being raped by a dolphin is totally like being raped by a dolphin.  The holidays really do bring out the best in people I suppose.  http://bit.ly/1KOLDsH

On Reluctant Joy I’ve published all of the micro-stories from December in order and I’ve been getting a lot of good feedback on those, which is nice.  Next week I’ll be reflecting on this past year but right now it’s all about hermetic musings http://bit.ly/rljywp

I’ve been spending a lot of time over at goodreads, which is facebook for book nerds and we’re having a ball, so why not come hang out with all of us for some holiday fun http://bit.ly/1XpMF4k

On a somewhat related note, my novel The Geek seems to be quite popular and people are adding it to lists on listopia and even slotting it into their book shelves which is pretty humbling but also amazing, here’s a little screen capture list

Cool right?  There’s like a page and a half of lists, crazy.

You can download the ebook from pretty much anywhere but if you like to rock it old school like I do then head on over to amazon for a paperback


And let’s tweet http://bit.ly/1YIWqZA

And do the facebook thing http://bit.ly/fnbrjwp

Well I really do hope that those of you who celebrate Christmas have a holly jolly one and whatever you celebrate I hope everyone’s having a great time and staying warm.  Except for those of you in the tropics, I’m assuming you’re fine and reading this from a tablet while sitting on the beach and sipping something exotic from a coconut.

See you all Monday!




Well It’s finally here!

Happy Monday everybody.

I hope you all got to see the new Star Wars movie this weekend.  I actually didn’t get a chance to see it but will be seeing it Wednesday, so I’m a little disappointed that I missed the hullabaloo of opening weekend but it may be best.

I’m a huge fan but I heard tons of people got dressed up to go see the film.  While that’s totally awesome, I think trying to watch Star Wars while sitting behind nine guys dressed like Darth Vader would probably annoy the crap out of me.

This will be the only post this week as I have tons of family and friends doing annoying things like being kind and throwing parties so I’m just gonna indulge in that and I think everyone should do the same.

But I’ll be back Monday and then it’s new years so not sure what’s going on there but starting January 4th I’m back to the usual two updates a week.

In the meantime over on Reluctant Joy I’ve been posting micro-stories the last few weeks.  I’ve posted them all in order, I think you’ll see what I was doing or at least attempting to do if you read them at one time and I really hope you like it http://bit.ly/rljywp

Over on Stuff N Stuff Palmer and I are talking about really important things like how to tell if a donkey is dead or alive, when to leave a wedding and where to find good Chinese food.  http://bit.ly/1KOLDsH

I don’t know if there’s enough time to get a copy of my novel The Geek to you by Christmas but downloads are instantaneous if you don’t need a paperback http://bit.ly/1MAAyZQ

And as I rush off to do Holiday things I leave you with this thought.  It doesn’t really matter if your Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Jedi, Sith or Huffle Puff.  It doesn’t matter what you believe or what you celebrate.  Just try to remember we’re all in this together and give the person you pass on the street a smile and wish them Happy Holidays.

Then in January we can all go back to being right pricks to each other.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!



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Bhom Bhom Bhom Babuhba BabuhBhom!

Well it’s finally upon us, that one day in the year when everybody comes together to enjoy something truly universal.  Of course I’m talking about the premiere of the new star wars movie and I’m sure like me, you’re pretty freaking excited!

I think J.J. Abrams is the right guy for this and really looking forward to what he’s done.  I’m sure there will be a lot of post release whinging but I’m not gonna listen to any of that, I’m just excited to revisit a world we all love.  Can’t wait!

Well look, you can’t just sit there staring at the clock until this weekend so why not check out some of my less special effects laden crapola.

Over on Reluctant Joy it’s a new micro-story called MOON http://bit.ly/rljywp

There’s a new podcast up on Stuff N Stuff.  Palmer’s back and we’re being idiots again.  This week we ask the tough questions, like “Is Won Ton soup the hand job of soups?”  I know, sometimes my intellectual prowess is hard to take http://bit.ly/1KOLDsH

There’s still time to pick up a copy of my novel The Geek and have it before Christmas, it’s the perfect stocking stuffer, if you’ve got really big socks http://amzn.to/1MwzPG6

Heck even The Hungry Monster liked it http://bit.ly/1MAAyZQ

And let’s hang out by the fire and spend some quality, holiday time together over on goodreads http://bit.ly/1XpMF4k

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Well I’m gonna go put on my jedi robes and practice my light saber techniques.  Okay, well I’m going to go put on my bath robe and eat some left over Chinese food but it’s pretty similar.

See you all Monday and I hope you have a great rest of the week and force filled weekend.