Weekend Update

Hey Everybody,

No story today just a quick update.

First let me say how much I appreciate everyone’s feedback about the new podcast.  My cohost Angie and I really are grateful that you all like it and we have some great episodes coming up.  Currently we’re debating JFK and next Friday we’ll be talking about Ghosts and why Angie believes and I don’t.

Though to be more accurate I do, I just don’t believe they’re ghosts.  Yeah, pretty intriguing right?  No?!  Whatever, just tune in…link to podbean is below and of course it’s also on ITunes.

My experimental novella The Eastern Road has gone off to the editor and will be out the third week of August.  It’s the first book under my new company The Chapel Perilous and I do hope you’ll download a copy from Amazon.  I’ll be doing a limited print run for you paperback lovers and will have details on where you can grab one of those bad boys shortly.

There’s gonna be more micro stories and flash fiction next week as well as updates on other projects and my release schedule for the coming year.

Two years in between books is a very long time but life has a certain way of complicating things.  However, after the novella, there will be a release of my sci-fi novel Blood Rebellious in early 2018. followed by an early summer release of my fantasy novel Night Mage.

Then in very early 2019 there will be the long awaited follow up to my pulp novel The Geek, currently titled Stillwater.

After that I have a long overdue nervous breakdown scheduled and most likely a nice vacation.

If you haven’t picked up a copy of The Geek follow the handy dandy links to goodreads and amazon.  Give the reviews and ratings a read.  If you think some hyper-violence and a pile of dead hookers might tickle your fancy download a copy or order a paperback from Amazon.

If you live in Los Angeles or coming to Los Angeles, then head on over to Skylight books and pick up a paperback copy.  Skylight Books is a great independent bookstore catering to indie writers and small press publishers.

So if you like paperback over ebook and love supporting indie writers, there’s no better place to shop.

Plus it’s down the  street from Fred 62, a most excellent diner so you might as well grab lunch, breakfast or dinner there and a copy of The Geek from Skylight.

And if anyone is curious or wants to swing on by the Marriott in Woodland Hills this weekend I’ll be doing a couple of panels and teaching a writing class on how to create strong mythology in your stories.

The event is called Whedon-con and it’s a really great time.  All the money raised is during the even is donated to charity.  Which is why I volunteer my time every year for this event.  It’s a great way to give back to the community I love while doing something really nice for people who need it.

And it is a lot of fun

What’s that?  You want links for my useless social media?  Why sure pal, here ya go.


Instagram http://bit.ly/1XgDJfc

Goodreads http://bit.ly/1XpMF4k

Amazon http://amzn.to/1MwzPG6

Twitter http://bit.ly/1YIWqZA

Podcast http://bit.ly/2och5LE

Facebook http://bit.ly/fnbrjwp

All right everybody have a great weekend and I’ll see ya’ll Monday.



Happy Monday, let’s do this!

Hello Again and welcome back to the mother ship.

I’ve been obsessing over some new music this weekend.  Currently I’ve got Adele’s and Cold Play’s new albums on heavy rotation and man I am just a grooving fool.

Annie Lennox will probably always be my favorite vocalist, there’s something about that voice that gives me goose bumps every time I hear it, but Adele is inching up day by day, year by year.  That lady is just really something.  I highly recommend you check that out.

Cold Play gets a lot of shit from people, I don’t know why I think they’re awesome and I don’t care what you think, it’s damn good stuff.

But if you’re in the mood for some indie stuff and you want more unsolicited recommendations from someone you don’t know, with absolutely no qualifications I have two; The Screaming Females and Dengue Fever are both awesome and should be shoved into your Spotify or whatever you use to listen.  I use cds because I’m old and that’s how I roll.

Have you stopped by my amazon page to waste time and possibly pick up a copy of my novel or short story collection yet?  Well why not?  I mean it’s not like you’re not going to end up on amazon eventually for some reason.  You know it’s not just a site to pick up bulk candy bars and sexual lubricants, it’s got books too, lot’s of them and two of them are mine.


My novel The Geek has even been professionally reviewed and that really insightful person gave it five out of five stars.  No I did not have to perform any sexual favors.  Yes I would have considered it.


Over on Reluctant Joy I’m continuing my esoteric themed micro story extravaganza today it’s FIRE http://bit.ly/rljywp

Over on the podcast I’m hanging with my buddy Tyler and his pal Josh and we are really getting our nerd on so if you’re into that sort of thing why not head over, it don’t cost nothin’ http://bit.ly/1KOLDsH

Tweets?  Of course http://bit.ly/1YIWqZA

Facebook? You bet! http://bit.ly/fnbrjwp

And why not stop by goodreads and check out my page there, I’m happy to answer any questions you have, even ones about math, but I’m pretty sure my answer’s will be wrong with the math questions http://bit.ly/1XpMF4k

I’ve got to skedaddle lots of stuff going on around here but I do want to thank you for stopping by and hope you come back Wednesday for the update.

Take Care,


Let the festivities begin.

So today is the day I start my staycation. Thank goodness.

But there are still things to talk about.

Over on Reluctant Joy it’s my final piece on the SJW war.  This week it’s MGTOW, you’ll know what that means by the end of the blog. http://bit.ly/rljywp

Currently streaming on Stuff n Stuff, it’s lost episode number 2.  Palmer and I spoke about Canadian Culture and why you shouldn’t get drunk and mispronounce the word poutine.  Ever.  Rob also decides it’s a perfect time to wow the audience with his amazing impressions.  It goes about as well as you’d expect.  Stuff n Stuff is available on ITunes and Podbean and there’s a brand new episode Wednesday!  http://bit.ly/1KOLDsH

It’s thanksgiving week so hopefully work is light and you can get away with not doing much.  If you really wanna stick it to the man why not head to my author page on amazon and pick up a copy of my pulp novel The Geek or my short story collection D’jinn and other stories.  That’d show em!  http://amzn.to/1MwzPG6

Or you can kill some time on facebook with me http://bit.ly/fnbrjwp or twitter  http://bit.ly/1YIWqZA

I hope you all had a great weekend and that your Monday is awesome.  See you Wednesday.



Midweek update! Yeah!

Hey all,

Thanks for stopping by.

There’s a brand new podcast up.  This is actually what we thought would be a lost forever episode, because back when I started doing the podcast I was still figuring my way around audacity and the file was just gone.  I was finally able to cobble it together and so airing it now.

I apologize in advance for the sound mix, but again I think this might have been the third one I recorded.  But we talk about a lot of exciting stuff like the time Rob found an S&M establishment in the basement of a Philadelphia hotel and I tell the romantic tale of my first slow dance erection at a friends pool party when I was eleven or so.

I know, I know, I’m a hopeless romantic.  http://bit.ly/1KOLDsH

Currently I have part 1 of my 3 part rantaganza on reluctant joy http://bit.ly/rljywp

Have you liked me on facebook yet?  Are you following me on twitter? Geez no wonder I have such low self esteem, but hey if you change your mind here’s FB http://bit.ly/fnbrjwp and here’s my twitter page http://bit.ly/1YIWqZA

gcI know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking Hey what’s that?  That looks cool!

Oh, that’s nothin’, just the super awesome cover to my super awesome pulp novel The Geek!

Why not check out my author page on amazon and maybe pick up a paperback or ebook copy.

I also have a short story collection available, and it’s completely free if you have kindle unlimited.  Why not pick up both, it’d be silly to comeback if you’re already there http://amzn.to/1MwzPG6

I hope you all have a great rest of the week and have a chance to do something fun on the weekend.

See you all Monday.



Boo! I vaant to suck your blog!

Well it’s Halloween week and things are gearing up for quite the spooktacular weekend. Yeah I said spooktacular, no I am not ashamed.

I will be going as a grumpy writer for Halloween.  It’s a great and simple costume.

Step 1: Get Dressed.

And I’m done.

There’s a new episode of Stuff & Stuff.  Again I hang out with my buddy Palmer.  We quickly discuss Fallout 4 before quickly going downhill as usual.  I tell the story of the woman who introduced me to kink and why roleplay is completely different than cosplay.  I’ve been quite annoyed with the whole Social Justice Warrior movement and finally have reached my limit.  I rant about why 3rd wave feminism isn’t feminism, why Anita Sarkesian is more of a con-woman than a feminist. I also go off on meninists, mgtowers, and manginas.  http://bit.ly/1KOLDsH

Over on reluctant joy there’s a fun short story that I think fits the Halloween mood called Night Mage. http://bit.ly/rljywp

I’m up to no good on twiter as usual http://bit.ly/1YIWqZA

And if you’re in the mood for thrills and adventure you can grab my book on amazon for paperback or basically everywhere for ebook http://amzn.to/1JUFjtH

If you’re in the mood for things less thrilling and adventurous there’s always facebook http://bit.ly/fnbrjwp

Well I certainly hope everyone is as excited as I am about Halloween, but ‘ll check in Wednesday for the update and to gauge excitement levels.

Blah! Spooky! Blah!


Post no apocalypse update. Yay?

Well it’s Wednesday and the blood moon apocalypse never showed.  That’s the problem with doomsday prophecies.  No one’s ever right about them and if they were it’s really hard to brag about being right while defending yourself against the undead, UN Soldiers, Satan’s Army or whatever BS you said was going to happen.

On the plus side there is new stuff to be had.

Over on reluctant joy this week it’s a second free excerpt of my pulp novel The Geek available for your reading pleasure here: http://bit.ly/rljywp

If you like what you read go ahead and scroll down and read the first few chapters from last week that I posted and if you like that, then why not head on over to Amazon and pick up a copy.  It’s available in paperback and ebook from amazon.com and as an ebook on iTunes.  Here’s a handy link http://amzn.to/1JUFjtH

On iTunes if you search The Geek it’s like the second or third thing to come up.

Over on Tumble and Drift this week there’s another micro-story called Birth which I think you’ll enjoy. Here’s a link to that http://bit.ly/tadsff

Fresh out of the oven there’s a new episode of Stuff n Stuff streaming with my buddy Tyler about various nerdy things.  We also touch on politics, the Pope, debate the best fast food burger in Los Angeles and then Tyler spends the last 15 minutes or so sharing with me what it’s like living with autism.  Which I thought was very cool of him and also informative.

What?  Oh a link?  Sure here ya go http://bit.ly/1KOLDsH and like everything else in the world it too is available on iTunes.

Want to be offended, amused and bamboozled 140 characters at a time, well I can hook you up on the twitters and what nots http://bit.ly/1YIWqZA

And feel free to like and follow my facebook shenanigans here http://on.fb.me/1NX6vtH

I’m pretty excited about tomorrow night.  Not for professional reasons but because tomorrow is October 1st.  And that is awesome because my friends and I are heading into the city to experience the magic that is the Rifftrax crew work their mojo on the greatest bad movie of all time Miami Connection.

The RiffTrax crew are the mad genius’s behind Mystery Science Theatre 3000 a very awesome show that I still enjoy.

So needless to say Thursday night is going to be epic.

Unless of course there’s an apocalypse between now and then in which case, OHMYGOD!  We’re  in hell!  Is that Satan!? Zombies! Marauding gangs of syphilitic rock band roadies are terrorizing the country side! I’m on Fire and being eaten alive by mutant alien buffet seekers! I only have two bars on my cell phone! Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

But I’ll probably just see you all Monday, have a great rest of the week and weekend everybody.


Oh an look here’s the cover of my book


Happy Monday!

Well howdy everybody.

There’s a ton of stuff going on around Fort Geek this week and I certainly appreciate you all stopping by.

Currently streaming on the Stuff & Stuff podcast I’m flying solo and talking about a lot of different stuff as usual. There’s a new episode Wednesday but you can listen to the current episode here http://stuffnstuff.podbean.com/

This week on Reluctant Joy I’m talking about tolerance, fighting the good fight, fat shaming and the insane world of the overly politically correct social justice warrior, available here http://www.reluctantjoy.com

Over on Tumble and Drift I am beginning to tell Micro-stories and the first one is up this week and available here http://www.bit.ly/tadsff

The fine folks over on TV Campfire had me on as a guest and if you’re in the mood for some passionate talk about TV you should check it out here http://bit.ly/1NiK4BL

Of course there’s always fun stuff going on at my facebook page and I highly encourage you to like and follow my stupidity there at http://www.bit.ly/fnbrjwp

And why not follow me on twitter at @Pron_coktail it’s non gmo and fat free!

Lastly but oh so not leastly my new pulp novel The Geek is out and available in paperback and ebook.

You can get the paperback here http://amzn.to/1JUFjtH

and the ebook here http://amzn.to/1UCe15M the ebook is also available on iTunes just type The Geek in the search engine and it should take you right to it.

Please follow me here and get on my mailing list for lots of fun upcoming shenanigans including contests and giveaways.

Take care all, have a great day, an awesome week and we’ll talk soon.



Well it’s another glorious week of whoring myself out.

Hey everybody,

I hope everyone had a nice weekend and that you’re all girding yourselves for the grueling week ahead of you.

But hey, not to fear I’ve got lots of things to distract you and hopefully lessen your productivity so you can stick it to “The Man”, unless of course you are “The Man” in which case I have bad news for your productivity outlook.

Over on Reluctant Joy I’m waxing less than poetically about the average life of a writer in the 21st century.  You can find that here http://www.bit.ly/rljywp

Over on Tumble and Drift it’s part 2 of my short story D’jinn. It’s a sweet little story about the friendship between a human and genie and kind of caught me off guard because I don’t usually write sweet stories.  Snarky, violent and weird sure, but sweet came right out of nowhere.  Part 1 of course is available and you should read that first.  There’s also quite a number of other stories on there but check out D’jinn I think you’ll like it.  http://www.bit.ly/tadsff

This Wednesday episode 2 of my podcast Stuff & Stuff will be available.  If you haven’t listened to episode 1 yet go ahead and give it a go.  In episode 1 I’m talking with my buddy Rob Palmer about the state of the entertainment industry, independent film and a bunch of random stuff. This Wednesday I have a nice little chat with Video Game designer Tyler Uslan about indie gaming and of course stuff. It’s available on podbean and iTunes, so yay for me.  http://stuffnstuff.podbean.com/

And on facebook there’s absolutely nothing productive goin on, as usual but you should like and follow me because I have self esteem issues and I don’t think anyone wants to take responsibility for me going on another shame spiral where I eat six jumbo bags of powdered donettes.  So on your head be it.  http://www.bit.ly/fnbrjwp

And why not follow me on twitter I shall lead you to the promised land, probably not but hey you might as well, I always follow back unless your a bot or trying to sell me followers, if I wanted to buy followers I’d have way more than I do I’m at  @Pron_Coktail on twitter.

And after a fairly serious hiccup my novel The Geek is being fixed and will be back on and available at amazon in a couple weeks in paperback and of course ebook.

Anyhoo, you should follow this blog also and join my mailing list so you can be kept up to date on upcoming giveaways, contests and general information regarding various shenanigans.

I hope you all have a nice day and a great week.