It’s the midweek update!

Hey All, hope everyone is having a nice week.  The weather is crisp, I’ve still got leftovers from Thanksgiving in my freezer and I’m preparing myself for the next wave of insanity.  That insanity is of course called Christmas.

My Aunt and Uncle always do a traditional, English breakfast on Christmas morning.  It’s your basic, awesome fry up with eggs, stewed tomatoes, beans, mushrooms, nine thousand different types of bangers and of course the most glorious of meats, bacon.

Unfortunately my aunt and uncle are getting on in years and wont be hosting the traditional breakfast this year.  Instead my sister has decided to take up the mantle and host.  This is of course very generous of her to do this, but I am filled with some trepidation and dread about my sister taking over this hallowed tradition.

Not because she’s incapable or a bad host, no, it’s far more potentially disastrous.  You see, my sister is a vegetarian.

There, I said it.

Now I have nothing wrong with vegetarians.  I myself have cut down my consumption of meat dramatically and eat far more protein laden vegetables than I have in the past.  But of course I do eat meat…I’m not  maniac.

But, should a vegetarian be in charge of such a meat-centric holiday occasion?

I don’t know.  I have been told that of course there will be a fine selection of meats, both in tube form and of course those lovely, squiggly, nitrate sticks I hold so dear.

I am currently taking people at their word, and live in hope.  But come December 25th, if any person says to me…”No, it’s tofu, just try it, it tastes just like bacon.”  I’m putting a horse head in their bed while they sleep.

Just sayin’.

Now, let’s get on with the hackery and pluggery.

Have you heard that the Hungry Monster book review gave my novel The Geek five out of five stars in its review?  I know!  Crazy right!?  Well I’m pretty stoked about it, and if you’d like to read the review yourself, check it out here

Why not check out my amazon author’s page (it’s quite witty) and pick up a copy for yourself in ebook or paperback.  Of course as an ebook it’s available everywhere but for old school paperback head to amazon.


Now that’s a snazzy cover baby!


You can also pick up a copy of my kindle exclusive D’jinn and Other Stories, only available on amazon as an ebook and totally free if you have kindle unlimited.

Over on my blog Reluctant Joy it’s another micro story fitting my theme of esoteric meanderings entitled AIR

Over on Stuff & Stuff my friend Tyler stops by with his buddy Josh and we talk Fallout 4, sex with robots, parenting skills and Tyler reveals his PC over console snobbery.

And now for the usual crap and one new piece.

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And hey I’ve even got a goodreads author page now…I think I’m really starting to get the hang of this whole 21st century thing

Well I hope everybody has a great rest of the week and that you enjoy your weekend too.

See you all Monday.






Back to the grind.

Hey all,

Welcome back to the mother ship.  I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and that you’re Monday isn’t too mess up.

Well I’m done with all the SJW crapola and moving on.  Over on reluctant joy I’ll be posting some micro-stories. Since they’re only a paragraph I’ll be doing two a week, with new ones on Mondays and Wednesdays. Up first “Earth”

Over on podbean and iTunes Palmer and I are talking our usual nonsense.  Rob makes the mistake of trying to convince me of the value of jewish culture rap (oy!) I explain negative fuck math to him and then we end the podcast with me creating a sex act called The Egg McMuffin and one called the Luke Skywalker.  I give us both homework to come up with more for Wednesdays episode.  So it’s the usual horrible stuff on Stuff n Stuff


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Well I hope everyone has a great day and I’ll see you all Wednesday.



It’s here! It’s almost here!

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I am really stoked.  Corn casserole, turkey, stuffing, gravy, ham…bring it on!


Hey look it’s me looking at you looking at me.  Yeah we just went meta..or inception or whatever, but hey why not check out my author page on amazon for a copy of my novel The Geek or D’jinn and other stories, my short story collection.

Over on reluctant joy this week it’s my final piece on the Feminist, MRA, MGTOW war

And up on Podbean and iTunes it’s a brand new episode of Stuff n Stuff.  Palmer and I discuss the day his home was raided by the FBI and why it was his brother’s fault.  I explain the math of negative fucks to my dear friend and then we discuss proper masturbation etiquette.  OH don’t look so surprised.

I give thanks to facebook and twitter

Well if you are in America or an American living abroad I want to wish you a happy and wonderful thanksgiving.  My your gravy be smooth, your turkey moist and your food baby healthy.  Thanks for all of your support.

To all of my wonderful readers from other parts of the globe who keep coming back to this and my other pages I want to wish you a happy thanksgiving as well.  And I am truly grateful for your continued support.   It really does make me happy to see that I have readers and listeners from so many different countries.

Have a great rest of the week everybody and I’ll see you all Monday.



Let the festivities begin.

So today is the day I start my staycation. Thank goodness.

But there are still things to talk about.

Over on Reluctant Joy it’s my final piece on the SJW war.  This week it’s MGTOW, you’ll know what that means by the end of the blog.

Currently streaming on Stuff n Stuff, it’s lost episode number 2.  Palmer and I spoke about Canadian Culture and why you shouldn’t get drunk and mispronounce the word poutine.  Ever.  Rob also decides it’s a perfect time to wow the audience with his amazing impressions.  It goes about as well as you’d expect.  Stuff n Stuff is available on ITunes and Podbean and there’s a brand new episode Wednesday!

It’s thanksgiving week so hopefully work is light and you can get away with not doing much.  If you really wanna stick it to the man why not head to my author page on amazon and pick up a copy of my pulp novel The Geek or my short story collection D’jinn and other stories.  That’d show em!

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I hope you all had a great weekend and that your Monday is awesome.  See you Wednesday.



Another weekend gone another week ahead…come on Thanksgiving!

Thanks for stopping by the old Mother Ship everybody.  Well it’s starting to feel like winter which is great.  I should specify it’s feeling like Los Angeles winter which is different than winter in other places.

It’s about sixty degrees outside, I’m wearing a hoodie, sipping some miso soup from my R2D2 mug and thinking about turning the heat on.  Brrr.

I’m still on my diet and have lost just under 9 pounds, I shall continue the diet indefinitely as I feel great.  However, Thanksgiving is upon us and all bets are off for that week alone.  Shit, is going to get Kraxy!

Yeah that’s Crazy with a K and a X, that’s just how Kraxy it’s gonna get.

Because Thanksgiving may be awesome, but the day after, the day after Thanksgiving when the leftovers have been soaking up the others flavor for two days, well that’s just magical.

Until then I shall remain ever vigilant and eat stuff like this:

20151019_132424 (576x1024)This is an egg white scramble with spinach, bok choy and yellow peppers.  I threw in one actual egg for some flavor along with the egg whites because I can only take so much.

But it is filling and pretty tasty.

Now let’s get on with the shenanigans.  This week starts my three part series opining on the fruitless war raging between 3rd wave feminists, MRAs and MGTOWers.

Oh yes it’s as ridiculous as it sounds.  You can read this weeks post on feminism at Reluctant Joy

Right now streaming over on Podbean and iTunes it’s the post Halloween spooktacular podcast.  There’s a brand new episode Wednesday but why not catch up now

I have a brand new collection of short stories available for free if you have kindle unlimited.  Also as Christmas is fast coming upon us why not pick up my novel The Geek for that miscreant in your life who likes to read.  Here’s a link to my amazon author page with some hopefully humorous ramblings on it

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Well I hope everyone has a great day and that you come back Wednesday for updates.



Hope everyone survived Halloween!

Hey All,

Thanks for stopping by.  If you’re reading this you’ve obviously avoided falling into a deep diabetic coma and survived Halloween.  Good for you.

I was supposed to go to a party on Halloween but woke up feeling incredibly run down and missed the fun.  I did catch up on Blacklist so I suppose that’s good.

The diet continues and I’ve lost about 7 pounds so feeling pretty good about that.

Lot’s of stuff going on this week and it’s one of those weeks where so much is going on that the midweek update is going to be somewhat big. So you’ll definitely want to come back Wednesday for that.

In the meantime let’s get on with the Monday stuff.

My current podcast about the Anthony Jeselnik comedy special is currently streaming on podbean and iTunes and you can catch that here

I’ve written a blog post that compliments the podcast over on reluctant joy which you might find interesting

Facebook shenanigans and twitter stupidity, oh we got ’em here and here

I did my first radio interview regarding The Geek on SouthWaves radio in the UK.  The Skype connection was a little buggy and I was kind of nervous but the host of the show David Snape was really nice and all in all I don’t think I came off like too big of an idiot, plus it was loads of fun.  You can listen to the bulk of the interview on soundcloud here

What’s The Geek?  Well that’s my hardboiled pulp thriller available on amazon for paperback as well as amazon, iTunes, gooreads and just about everywhere else for ebook, here’s the amazon link

There’s a whole new episode of Stuff & Stuff Wednesday plus an announcement regarding a new publication, so come on back!

Thanks everybody and I do hope you all have a great Monday.



Welcome to the midweek update

Hey Everybody thanks for stopping by.

I’m always pleasantly surprised when I check the stats page and find new and consistent visitors/readers/listeners from places I’d never expect to get them from.  So all you folks from France, Brazil, India, Saudi Arabia and New Zealand thanks for coming back.  Of course everyone is welcome and I’m very happy that my readership and listening audience is incredibly diverse.  Next week just for fun I’ll post the list of countries that my readers and listeners come from so we can all bask in this great global community.

Up on Reluctant Joy there’s a cool little short story I wrote called Night Mage.  I’ve been getting some really nice feedback on it and I’ll be launching it in January as a kindle serial since it’s proven so popular, and it’s an absolute hoot to write.

There’s a brand new podcast up over on stuff & stuff.  This week’s episode is a very short one.  Nobody could play with me this week so I”m riding solo.  I basically go on a caffeine induced rant for a half hour.  Mainly I talk about the Anthony Jeselnik special on Netflix and why I think it’s more than just a comedy special.  You can listen to Stuff & Stuff on iTunes or on Podbean here

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Of course no post is complete without me flogging my pulp novel The Geek.  Available as an ebook everywhere ebooks are sold and as a paperback on Amazon.  If you’re unsure of what to get the sociopath in your life for Christmas, Hannukah or Festivus, trust me, The Geek is perfect.

Saturday is Halloween so everybody have fun and be safe.  I’ll be nerding it up at my friend Tyler’s costume party so I’m looking forward to that.

Again I want to thank my returning visitors and my new ones for stopping by and I hope you continue to find my BS amusing.

Take care all, have a great Halloween and I’ll see you Monday.