And so it begins

Ho Ho Ho and Merry Christmas everybody!

So let me fill everybody in on what’s happening here.  When I moved to my new home I left Equinox which is a chain of gyms and joined a small MMA gym called Systems Training Center, located in Encino.

This is a very supportive and tight group of folks, and though the bar was low, I’ve gotten in far better shape at this gym than after two and a half years at Equinox.

But it’s not just about the workouts which are intense, it’s about the people.  I’ve belonged to a number of Martial Arts schools over my life, but this is really (for me) something special.  The owners Gabe and Marcus are really great guys and both sincerely care about their members and want them not only to achieve their fitness goals, but to also have a damn good time doing it.

A terrible thing happened to Marcus and his family recently.  They lost their beautiful baby son Liam, due to a drunk driver.

I have links below to both the foundation Marcus started and a page to sign a petition regarding drunk driving.

The main crux of this post however is that a challenge has been started wherein those challenged must do 100 kicks a day for seven days.

My friend Owen Loose challenged me and so for the next seven days I’ll be posting my videos of myself doing the challenge.

I’ll be posting them here first thing and then circulating them over all of my social media except instagram simply because there are some limitation to that.

You certainly don’t have to participate in the challenge, but I do encourage everyone to watch, share and please visit the website and sign the petition or donate (if you can) to the foundation.

Okay here’s the first video.  See you all tomorrow and again Merry Christmas.

The Petition:

Liam’s Life Foundation